Thursday, September 13, 2012

CorssFit: Pure Satisfaction

I'm not sure if it was just me, but I think my CrossFit Coach may have been smoking a little something when she made up this workout.  I kid, I kid.  (Hi Tammy!) Seriously though this may have been the absolute hardest workout I've done at CrossFit yet.  

Last night I thought about skipping CrossFit altogether today since I've been feeling really sore, but I decided this morning I was going.  When I got there, however, and saw the WOD (Workout of the Day) I wanted to turn around and leave.  


50 Medicine Ball Thrusters (12 lbs for first 2 rounds, 10 lbs for last round) 
50 DU (double unders) or 150 single jump ropes (I did the singles and peed myself the whole time.  I wish I was kidding) 
50 Front squats 45 lbs (AS PRESCRIBED!!!!)
50 boxjumps 20 inches (AS PRESCRIBED!!!!)
50 Full Sit ups 

TIMES THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I thought the thrusters would be the "easy" part.  Basically picture squatting holding the ball chest height and then standing up and pressing it overhead.  Yeah not easy.  

Next up jump rope.  Not recommended for a mother of 3 with a weak bladder.  How embarrassing.  I might have to skip jump rope days or start wearing Depends to CrossFit.  

The front squats are really hard for me.  I know I wasn't going near as deep as I should have been, but I did the best I could.  It's not my legs that bother me, however, it's my wrist (the one that was broken) and my poor form in general.  I can't seem to get my elbow up (due to my bum shoulder). 

Tracey captured me doing some of the last exercises.  Box jumps!  I had NEVER done box jumps before in my life before last week and today I did the box jumps as prescribed.  20 inches baby.  It was difficult but completing them was so, so rewarding!  

And finally sit ups.  Do you see my legs glistening in this picture?  Yeah that's sweat.  My legs were completely soaked (as was my whole body).

Sit ups suck!

And finally I finished and I didn't want to stand up.

And this is what a 38 year old that pees her pants looks like.  Just keeping it real up in here!

Anyway, I completed the workout in 42:27.  It was 42:27 of pure hell and it was pure satisfaction.


Heidi Keefer said...

Loved reading your replay of this morning. It was a killer workout, but don't worry, they're not all that hard.... just kidding, they typically are ;). See ya next week!

Tracey said...

You did such a great job today! And you are not the only one who pees her pants. At least you didn't get the rash!

Rain Gowens said...

I wish I could skip the jump roping too!

Amanda M said...

1. I do not get the star rating system here - it won't let me give positive stars, cause I would totally rate this post 4 stars!
2. I have run a 5k and peed my pants. The joys of motherhood!

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