Monday, September 17, 2012

Dear Ella: 2012

Dearest Ella:

Wow seven years old!  I just want to start off by saying that there are probably no words that can ever describe how much I love and care for you, but I’m going to try. 

If I could use one word to describe you, I would say sweet.  You are so kind and loving and you really have such a caring heart.  You get your feelings hurt very easily, but you’ll also feel very badly if anyone else gets their feelings hurt.  You don’t even like when someone teases the ones you love (especially your mama).

I don’t think it’s because I am biased (although I clearly am) but I think you’re the most beautiful little girl.  I guess we’ve all said it enough because you believe you’re beautiful and I think that’s more than ok.  There’s nothing wrong with being confident. 

The good thing, however, is that you never take yourself too seriously and you love to make ugly faces and act like a total goofball.  The uglier you can make your face, the more you’ll laugh and crack yourself up.   Your goofiness is one of your most endearing qualities and I hope it’s something that never changes. 

I also love that you’re a bit of a free spirit.  You are just so carefree and usually don’t have a worry in the world.  Not much upsets you and you’re generally a happy go lucky girl. 

You tend to be an extrovert and don’t have any trouble being in the spotlight.  I wouldn’t classify you as shy at all.  You love performing on stage during your recitals and during class plays and such.  This is one quality that is so much NOT like your brothers at all.  In fact, you’re the leader of the three of you.   I always say you’re a natural born leader.  Again, I hope this is a quality that never fades. 

You really love school and seem to always be looking to soak it all in and learn.  You definitely have a thirst for knowledge and I probably don’t do a good enough job feeding it.  I tend to underestimate your abilities and your intelligence sometimes takes me by surprise.  Sometime you probably need to say, “Hey mom, remember it’s not just good looks over here”. 

Like I said before, you are so sweet and you are always giving your mommy compliments.  You’ll notice if I have on nicer than normal clothes or if I put on lipstick and you’ll tell me how much you like it.  What I love most, however, is giving YOU the compliments and watching your face light up as you soak it in and believe. 

I think one of the most important things I can do in life is nurture you so that you do become a confident (not arrogant) young woman.  I want you to know that you are more than just a pretty face and you can do anything you believe you can do.  I try to build you up, but also set you free to earn your own wings and fly. 

You’re an amazing little girl and I look forward to what our relationship will become over the years.  You’re sweet down in your soul and I know you may grow, but am confident you will never change. 

I love you sweet Ella,



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