Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Frist Day of Preschool 2012

Today was Jack's first day of Preschool.  Jack is turning 5 (tomorrow actually) so he doesn't make the September first cutoff to go to Kindergarten this year.  It's fine by me because I like him home with me anyway.  

I think he was kind of excited to go to school, but he was all bent out of shape over having to wear a "button shirt".  I told him he could at least wear orange so it would match his new shoes and told him he could change as soon as we got home.  Somehow he turned that in to never having to wear a button shirt to school again.  Does he not know who he is dealing with here? 

Regardless of how he felt, I think he looked awfully darn cute.

Today was only a half day at school and parents got to stay.  In addition only half the class would be there during our session.  We arrived just on time to see a bunch of boys all lined up.  I figured they separated the class by boys and girls.  It turns out there are only 3 girls in Miss Cindy's class.  Jack will be in his glories!

Jack got right in to playing and followed along nicely, but he never spoke a word.

He just stood there and did as he was told, but never uttered a peep.  I'm not worried though because his old teachers used to tell me he would talk up a storm once I left.  I hope!

A funny thing happened.  I ran into Nicholas' BFF mom from back in  his preschool (a different school)  days.  We were both pregnant together and now Jack is in class with her son.  I really love their family. We had fallen out of touch because Nicholas went on to catholic school and his BFF did not, but I'm excited to get reconnected and have a friend I know in the class.

Jack's first full day is tomorrow and he seems to be pretty excited.  Another sigh of relief as another one settles in.


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Third one down..kinda sad... 0:(

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