Sunday, September 30, 2012

Half Marathon Love

In a couple of weeks I will be running my 10th half marathon when I run the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon.  I can hardly believe that I'm saying that considering I just started running just 3 short years ago when I started training for the Spirit of Pittsburgh Half Marathon.

Spirt of Pittsburgh November 2009:  Tracey, Me, Dad 
I love the half marathon distance.  It'a a challenging distance, but not one that pushes you to the point of wanting to stab out your eyeballs with ice picks.  What?  Just me?  I also don't feel as much pressure during the half marathon distance to be super speedy.  It's not like a 5k where everyone expects you to go balls to the wall.  Yep, I've said it, the Half Marathon is my favorite distance!

In honor of the Half Marathon here are the links to all my half marathon posts.  I expect you to read them all and get back to me with your favorite!   Ready set go!

Spirit of Pittsburgh Half Marathon, November 2009:  2:17:22 (I didn't write a blog then).  This will always be a special race because it was my first and I honestly didn't know if it was something I could even do.  

Pittsburgh Half Marathon, May 2010:  2:09:20 (I didn't write a blog then).  This was an awesome race too because I improved so much in just 6 months.  

Decker Half Marathon, December 2010:  2:21:06.  A special race because I had spent the 6 months prior battling back from my broken bones and kidney stones. 

Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon, March 2011:  2:17:12.  All in good fun, but I didn't love this race.  By far my least favorite.  

Decker Challenge Half Marathon, December 2011:  2:14:43.  Decker is always so much fun.  I was doing this for fun and it was really a good time. 

3M Half Marathon, January 2012:  2:08:33.  This race can only be described as EPIC.  Damn banana boy! 

Livestrong Austin Half Marathon, February 2012:  2:20:50 (Paced my friend Kelley).  A fun time running with Kelley.  GREAT day!  

Zooma Women's Half Marathon, March 2012:  2:19:59 (Paced my friend Kelley).  A horrible course, and equally as terrible weather, but fun nonetheless!  

Pittsburgh Half Marathon, May 2012:  2:07:22 PR.  My favorite race because it was run in my favorite city, with one of my favorite friends and it was a PR.

Ok I doubt you read ALL of them so just tell me what's your favorite race distance?  


Tara Schwartz Peterson said...

Love this post, Susan! I'm anxiously working towards my first half in Columbus in three weeks, and so I loved reading about each of your 1/2's...I'm so excited for you to run NYC and know you're going to do a great job :-) Hope all is well!

Kortni said...

I am totally with you. I love the half. You can race it, have fun, do well, and still feel good for the rest of the day.

robringer said...

my favorite is still the picture of you running while crying blood. It's just badass on an epic scale. very impressed by your running susan...because as much as i enjoy a good 5 mile run...i hate long distances.

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