Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm a Runner XVII

Susan Tirch
Mom, superhero 
38, Pennsylvania 

Sometimes (ok like twice) people recognize me from the blog.  When it happened, it pretty much made my year day.  So if you're out there and  you see me, PLEASE come up and say hi.  I promise I'm not evil in real life!

In 2009 is when I officially started running thanks to my friend Tracey.  I know you've all heard this before, but I still remember my first half marathon training like it was yesterday.  In a way it's kind of sad now because I celebrated every run back then.  Now I complain when I have a crappy 8 miler.  Um hello, I just ran 8 miles how can that ever be crappy.  Everything is relative, but I'd like to have my old perspective sometimes.

For a mom it's kind of easy for me to get in a run.  I doesn't require much so even if it's spur of the moment all you need is to slip on your shoes and go.  I've been known to run during a soccer practice even if it's just a quick 3 miler.  Mostly though, I feel privileged and can fit in all my workouts while the kids are in school.  I give kudos to all you working moms out there.  You're the real superheroes.  I don't know how you do it all!  (Hi Amanda and Jennifer, I'm talking about YOU and others of course).

I remember a lot of VERY cold runs with Tracey in the Pittsburgh winters.  We're talking frozen eyelashes and ice clumps that accumulate in your hair.  I can honestly tell you I'm NOT looking forward to that again, but I'll take it over 100 degrees any day.

I've run quite a few different places (Pennsylvania, Indiana, Florida, New York, and Texas) but I realize I've got a LOT more places to cover.   Maybe when I'm old and gray I'll attempt running a race in each state.

Having my last baby was a life changing event (as each child is), but it was knowing that I was finally finished having kids that inspired me to reclaim my body and get fit.  I'd love to get pregnant again (not going to happen) and see how being active during pregnancy changes things.

When I was younger I hardly remember moving a muscle in the form of exercise.  I wish I could go back in time and just have a little chat with my younger self.  She probably wouldn't listen, but I'd like to have the talk nonetheless.

I've never been a competitive person until I became a runner.  I'm not really competitive with my friends, but I do find myself eyeing up people in a race and trying to pick them off and get great satisfaction about keeping them behind me.  Ha!

My running music is so boring right now.  I need a major overhaul.  I guess I bored with the same stuff pretty easily.  It used to be that I'd enjoy a slow steady song that allowed me to get in the groove and just go, but now I find them boring and pretty much only appreciate up tempo songs.  Any suggestions?

For me, morning is the best time to run.  Starting in the dark is a little scary, but there is NOTHING like seeing the sun come up over the horizon during a run.

I'm not a good runner, but I'm better than someone who doesn't do it at all.  (I stole that one from this month's I'm a Runner featured runner, "Sully" Sullenberger.  Couldn't have said it better myself.)

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tracey smith said...

Of course you are a good runner! So happy that I am such a good influence :)

Ron Obringer said...

You should definitely get the Song Some Nights by Fun on your list...if not the entire album...good stuff.

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