Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lutherlyn Field Trip

Today was Jack's field trip with his preschool.  We went to Lutherlyn Camp and had an outdoor adventure.  

We started off with all the kids making their own name tags on pieces of cut wood.

Jack liked his.

We then lined up and headed out the door for the first part of our tour-- the games.

We played a game sort of like Marco Polo but it was called bat and moth.

Jack wasn't too keen on participating.

But some of the other kids did and they had fun.

Next up was the Taxidermy "shop".  Jack was being very shy the whole day for some reason, but he perked up a bit with all the stuffed animals.  He thought Daddy would like this turkey.  Funny side note:  As we were driving to school today a chicken turkey crossed the road and Jack screams at the top of his lungs, "shoot it!"  Oh my!

The next part of the tour was the more outdoorsy part.  We got to take in some of the scenery...

... and hike into the woods. 

It was a tad chilly and wet for my liking today, but I did appreciate the scenery that I have been missing for so long in Texas.

I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but behind the children is an uprooted tree.  The size of this thing is amazing when you see it on this level and there were 1000s just like it.  It's something I took for granted for so long, but I missed trees like these while we lived in Texas.

All and all, the kids had fun learning about the great outdoors.

I know I enjoyed watching them take it all in!


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Its looks like its was a great day! I sure miss my Jack Jack!

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