Saturday, September 22, 2012

NYC Marathon Long Run Training: 15 Miles

Today my training plan called for 14 miles, but Tracey's called for 14 so I agreed to do 15 with her.  The lake loop at North Park is 5 miles anyway, so it just made sense.

When I woke up I immediately realized it was raining and "cold".  I REALLY did not want to go, but I got in the car anyway and it really started to rain.  I immediately called Tracey and asked her if runs were cancelled due to rain and she prompted let me know they were not.  RUDE!  She did offer me a long sleeve short, however, so I couldn't complain.  (I don't have all my clothes here yet and I have NO long sleeve running gear).

After the 15 minute drive to the park the rain had tapered to a drizzle and the sun had come up (not out just up).  I was relieved.  No part of me wanted to run in the rain.  We met Tracey's friends Barb and Michelle (they were doing 11) and we set off.

I was a tad chilly at first, but I warmed up nicely by the third mile or so.  Too bad my legs didn't warm up, they were fighting it every step of the way.  Tracey said her legs were not cooperating either (she really pushed herself hard this week), but she and Barb were often ahead leading the pack.

Mile 1:  10:32
Mile 2:  10:43
Mile 3:  10:37
Mile 4:  10:44
Mile 5:  10:44 ----> First Gu

The first 5 miles kind of went by slowly, but things were still going better than I originally anticipated.  We "picked up" Tracey's other friend Kristy now as she set out to do 5 miles with us.  I ditched the long sleeve t-shirt and we quickly headed back in the opposite direction (not my favorite direction) for our second loop.  At this point my legs decided to start working and I felt like I was in a pretty good groove.  The weather was wet and dreary, but it was still an enjoyable fall day.

I mean seriously look at that!  I can't complain.

Mile 6:  10:45
Mile 7:  10:48
Mile 8:  10:53
Mile 9:  10:48
Mile 10:  10:43 ----> 2nd Gu

Barb Tracey and I 
At this point everyone else was finished with their run and Tracey and I set out to do our last loop.  I was still feeling pretty good, but I was a little scared of Tracey.  Tracey, like so many of my running partners, gets that itch to be finished and likes to step it up.  I could tell she was picking up the pace, but I tried to just hang since I was feeling pretty good.  My hamstrings and my butt were tight and sore, but otherwise I felt pretty darn good.

Tracey and I talked the whole last 5 miles and it went by so quickly.  The good thing is I never hit the wall.  It's good to know that I can pretty comfortably run 15 miles without my body giving up on me.  Only 11.2 more to go!  Ha!

Mile 11: 10:25
Mile 12: 10:25
Mile 13:  10:20
Mile 14: 10:24
Mile 15:  10:06

Total: 2:39:45 
Average: 10:38

I'm also pretty proud of those last 5 miles because it shows I had plenty left in the tank.  I'm gaining confidence with each of my training runs that I can run 26.2 miles in NYC and have fun.  In case anyone was wondering, I really don't have a time goal for NYC.  I just want to ENJOY it and not suffer (too much anyway).  I'm taking the right steps (literally) and I'll get there.


Barb said...

GREAT job Susan!! Had fun running with you. My "plan" at this point is to hopefully keep you company for 15 of your 20 for next weekend.

tracey smith said...

Thanks for running an extra mile with me. We did pretty well the last five even though my legs felt like they weighed 500 lbs! So glad we didn't get rained on. Great pictures!

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