Saturday, September 29, 2012

NYC Marathon Marathon Training Long Run: 20 Miles

Brrrrr it was a chilly wake up this morning.  I woke up on my own about 30 minutes before my alarm was set to go off (5:30) and, of course, was cursing the sport that is running.  Tracey and I both needed to start early in order to make it to our kids' games today.  As I drove to the park to meet Tracey, I quickly realized the only people awake were the runners and the hunters!  

Tracey and I started out on our own for the first 5 mile loop.  It was pitch black out and a little spooky as the fog rose off the lake.  It was also FREEZING cold (44 degrees.... yes I've become a wimp) and running didn't seem like too much fun. 

Tracey and I couldn't even see our Garmins and I thought we were running fast, but I wondered if it was just my body bucking the system.  It turns out we were running a tad fast. 

Mile 1: 9:59
Mile 2: 10:19 

I guess it was probably around the 2.5 to 3 mile mark and the sun was starting to brighten the sky.  I could read my Garmin and saw we were running a little fast for a 20 mile run.  I asked Tracey to back off the pace a little.  I had to keep my final goal in mind and that was to make it through this WHOLE run.  

Mile 3:  10:18 
Mile 4:  10:35
Mile 5:  10:33

And just like that the first quarter of my run was over.  We were back at the boathouse to pick up Barb and my friends Tim and Cooper (Tim's son).  Barb wanted to run 15 today and Tim and Cooper wanted to run 10.  I haven't seen Tim for awhile so it was nice to chat it up with him for awhile.  Tracey and Barb lead the pack and we settled in behind them for a nice 5 mile loop. 

Mile 6:  10:43
Mile 7:  10:33
Mile 8:  10:16

For whatever reason, these miles felt the absolute easiest.  It's so nice to have great company and concentrate on the conversation and not on the running.  My body was warmed up but not yet tired.  I wish all 26.2 miles of the marathon could be just like these.

Mile 9: 10:17
Mile 10:  10:30

Before I knew it we were back at the boathouse and saying goodbye to Tracey (she had just 10 on her training plan today).

Bye bye Tracey, thanks for 10 awesome miles.

Barb, Tim, Cooper and I set back out AGAIN for another loop.  We all have a lot to talk about because we actually have a lot in common, whether it's running or other parts of life.  I know it probably sounds cheesy, but connecting through running is pretty awesome.

There is really nothing to report over the next 5 miles.  My hamstrings and butt did start to hurt a tad, but I was still feeling pretty decent at this point.

Mile 11:  10:46
Mile 12:  10:32
Mile 13:  10:37
Mile 14:  10:52
Mile 15:  11:02

It was time to say goodbye to Tim and Cooper.   I think they were having such a great run that they wanted to run a bit more, but Cooper had homecoming tonight and didn't want to over extend himself.

Thanks so much to Tim and Cooper for joining me!  I feel so spoiled.

At this point Tim and Cooper passed the baton to Lisa who decided to join in for the last 5 miles.  I warned her that it was going to be a SLOW final 5 miles, but she agreed to go along with us anyway.

Again, Barb, Lisa and I didn't have a shortage of things to talk about.  The conversation was easy and a nice distraction from the actually running.  Barb and I were both feeling a little tired.  For me, I was dealing pain in my butt and hamstrings.  Barbs toes hurt.  It was nothing we couldn't push through, but we were both ready for this run to be over with.

Mile 16:  10:52
Mile 17:  11:03
Mile 18:  11:13
Mile 19:  11:34
Mile 20:  11:25

Again, thanks to these ladies for joining me for this run.

I honestly, don't know what I'd do without running buddies.  I think I'd stop running!  Ha!

Total:  20 Miles in 3:34 
Average:  10:42 

I can't even believe my second 20 mile long run of marathon training is finished.  Just one more 20 miler and my long, long runs will be finished!  Woo hoo!!!

This is probably my best long run to date and I really couldn't be happier.  Although I couldn't imagine running 6.2 more miles TODAY, I hope I'll have it in me in 5 more weeks.  Until then, Keep Calm and Run On!


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