Monday, September 3, 2012

NYC Marathon Training Long Run: 13 Miles

I put off my long run this week until today, not because I didn't want to do it Saturday or Sunday, but because I'd have company if I waited until today.  I much rather wait a day and have people to run with than to go it alone.  I'm so gad I had someone with me too, because even though today was "just 13", it was a hard run for me.

I met Tracey and Charlene at 7:30 am and, even though the air temperature was cool, it felt like a swamp outside.  I don't love humidity.

I think my problem with my long run this week was the fact that it wasn't too long.  I think I discounted the 13 miles and thought it would be easy peasy and I didn't really prepare for it.  I didn't hydrate as I normally do, etc.  That coupled with my tired legs (which are now just always tired... same old story), blistered feet and aching bone on my left foot just didn't combine to be a good run.

I remember looking down at just over 5 miles and wondering how it had gone by so slowly.  Our pace was decent (for me) but it just felt like time was standing still and my body never really got in a groove.

Mile 1: 10:43
Mile 2: 10:18
Mile 3: 10:16
Mile 4:  10:03
Mile 5:  10:10

Charlene is training for The Great Race 10K and she had 7 miles on her training plan this morning.  This was the longest she's run to date and she did a REALLY great job.  She never complained and I think she is more than prepared for her 10K.

Mile 6:  10:25
Mile 7:  10:53 ---->  Not sure about this???

We said goodbye to Charlene and set out for one more loop around the lake.  6 more miles.  We could do this.  I just kept telling myself I could do it, but my body was slowing me down.  My hamstrings felt really tight and it was causing me to lose steam mentally and physiclally.

Mile 8:  10:57 ----> or this???
Mile 9:  10:36
Mile 10:  10:31
Mile 11:  10:37

I realized around the 11 mile mark that everything was going to be uphill for the next mile and a half and I told Tracey I was fading quickly and told her to go ahead without me.  She said she didn't want to, but I felt like I was really holding her back.  I realized at that point as well that I never took my Gu.  At that point, however, I wasn't going to bother.  It wouldn't kick in until the run was almost over.  So I did what any marathoner runner does.  I pushed on!

Mile 12: 10:34
Mile 13:  10:56

Total: 2:18:44
Average:  10:32 

And with that another training run is complete and I couldn't be happier that it's over.  On to the next! Not looking back.


Kortni Mann said...

Lessons learned from every run! I would love to run with that scenery, but I always run by myself so a good view would be great! I hope you are taking care of yourself! It seems like the past couple of days have been rough!

Megan Shaffer said...

Even my few miles were difficult this morning. Stupid humidity!

robringer said...

well on the bright probably burned somewhere in the neighborhood of 1300-1500, win?

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