Sunday, September 9, 2012

NYC Marathon Training Long Run: 13 Miles

I dreaded the fact that I had to run 13 miles today all day yesterday.  I just wasn't feeling like running because my body is still in severe pain due to my CrossFit workout on Thursday.  Jami and I had a fire alarm incident at 3:00 am where there was a chirping fire alarm.  Can someone PLEASE tell me why this happens ONLY in the middle of the night.  I have never in all my life had a fire alarm start chirping in broad daylight.  Anyway, I didn't exactly get a good night's sleep so when the alarm went off I wasn't pleased.  (We've heard that story before right?) 

I sucked it up and got dressed (what else was I gonna do?) and headed out to meet Tracey.  It was sooooo cold for my now Texas blood.   54 degrees?  Are you kidding me?  I kept telling myself it would feel good when I started running.   Guess what?  I was right.  54 while running might just be the perfect temperature.  

By the time I met Tracey, I was actually ready to get going.  I tried to approach the run with a better attitude and we set out for 13 miles.

Tracey and I never have a shortage of things to talk about.  We hit the ground running (literally) and before I knew it three miles were down.  I didn't look at my pace.  I was trying to just let my body dictate the pace, but Tracey mentioned the third mile was under 10:00.

Mile 1:  10:23
Mile 2:  10:09
Mile 3:  9:52

My butt was definitely hurting, but I was just trying to ignore it.  The good thing is that it's mostly just muscle soreness.  I definitely still have the issue with my piriformis muscle, but that was secondary to my just plain old sore booty today.  Despite all that the next two miles flew by and I mentioned to Tracey that I would have to slow down a bit if I was going to make 13 miles.

Mile 4:  10:14
Mile 5:  9:54

Before I knew it we were finished with our first loop of the lake and heading out for our second.  I couldn't believe how fast the time was flying today.  It wasn't   like last week at all.

Mile 6:  10:05
Mile 7:  9:59

I was starting to feel a little sluggish and realized I hadn't taken any Gu.  We were almost to the 8.5 mile mark and I took the only Gu I brought. Through this area it is all up hill.  The first uphill is really just a gentle incline and then there is a big hill right before the 10 mile mark.  It really kicked my booty.  I felt it!

Mile 8:  10:17 ----> Gu
Mile 9:  10:33
Mile 10:  10:38

Tracey just had 10 miles on her plan for today, but she said in the beginning she would run 13 with me if she felt good.  At the 10 mile mark she said she'd keep going and I was so, so glad.  For whatever reason miles 11, 12 and 13 were REALLY hard!  No reason in particular.  I guess I was just tired.

Mile 11:  10:38
Mile 12:  10:54
Mile 13:  10:18

Total:  2:14:35
Average:  10:18 

I was pretty happy with my run today.  Once again, it's not the fastest pace, but I'll take a 10:18 average on a long run any day.   Running with Tracey never seems like a chore really anyway, we always have so much to talk about.  Thanks for running ALL 13 miles with me Tracey.


Kortni Mann said...

Great run....54 degrees is my dream running weather!

tracey smith said...

Thank you for running with me. It was a great run with great company!

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