Monday, October 8, 2012

2012 in 2012 Fail

I was running along this weekend on my long run just minding my own business when Tracey had to go and slap me in the face with a realization.  It wasn't pleasant.  She mentioned that she was probably going to hit 1000 miles running for the year.

Show Off and Myself 
At that moment I recalled setting the goal for myself to run 1012 miles and bike 1000 miles for 2012 miles in 2012.  Tracey mentioned that she was over 800 miles for the year and I started computing in my brain.  Maybe I was close to 800 too.  Tracey does run more days per week than I do, however, so I wasn't sure.

So I came home and logged onto my Dailymile account and did the math.  There it is folks in blue and white.  So far in 2012 I have run 679 miles.  333 miles short of my goal.  I have 11 weeks to go to reach my goal which means I have to average 33 miles per week.  Sonofa!!! As you can see, I only managed to maintain that kind of mileage through the height of my marathon training (September).

Then there's cycling.

I've only logged 239 miles in 2012.  How is that even possible?  761 miles to go in 11 weeks.  No worries, that's only close to 70 miles per week.  Clearly no problem.  I can get that done!  I'm obviously a biking fool.

In my defense, when I set this goal for myself I had no idea I'd be training for a marathon, nor did I know I would start doing CrossFit as the majority of my cross training.  Nonetheless, I didn't do very good during the beginning of the year either.

So basically, I'm a loser and I'm not going to meet my 2012 goal I set for myself.  I can still try to run 1012 in 2012, but don't hold your breath waiting.


Megan S said...

I'm guessing moving didn't help you meet those goals either, especially on the bike.

tracey smith said...

Miss Show Off here- you did get a half PR this year, move across the country, basically deal with three kids on your own since you got here, and train for a marathon, and get to Cross Fit twice a week. I would definitely say that you are a loser. With a capital L.

You are too hard on yourself!!

momswimbikerun said...

Thanks Tracey. It's so nice to have you in my corner. xoxoxo

robringer said...

goals were made to be...umm...adjusted.

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