Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Time and A Reason

This is just a post on my random thoughts about my goals for my half this weekend....

Did y'all know I'm running a half marathon on Saturday?  Yeah well I am. Don't you remember I signed up for the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon?  I signed up for the race as a training run and to support my friend Tracey who is going for a PR.  I, however, have no intention of racing or setting a PR, but today I started thinking about what I wanted to do at this race.

Here's my half marathon breakdown

Spirit of Pittsburgh 2009:  2:17  My First 
Pittsburgh 2010:  2:09  My Victory 
Decker 2010: 2:21  My Comeback 
Dallas Rock n Roll 2011: 2:17  My Post Marathon Run
Decker 2011:  2:14  My Fun Run 
3M 2012:  2:08  My Mission to PR 
Austin 2012:  2:20 My Run with a Friend 
Zooma 2012:  2:19 My Other Run with a Friend
Pittsburgh 2012:  2:07 My PR 

Every race has a time and every race has a reason for that time.  The only race that I could say is similar to this one (as far as a time goal) would be Decker 2011.  I went out to run Decker just for fun.  It was about a month AFTER my marathon and I didn't really want to race.  

2 weeks before my marathon, I don't want to risk injuring myself by going too fast so I'm just going to take it nice and slow.  I want it to be my race and I want to feel good about it in the end.  So yeah, Deckerish (if you will).  I'm kind of thinking I want to go sans Garmin and just listen to my body.  

I am a little too type A for that, however, so maybe I should just wear my Garmin so I can look occasionally and still listen to my body, which is kind of what I did at 3M and it paid off, BIG TIME.  Either way I'm thinking about a Decker 2011 finish.  

I'm still going to CrossFit this week though and my legs continue to be in this perpetually tired state.  So who knows maybe I have more of a Rock n Roll Dallas in me.  Regardless it will be a success if I can walk away and say I had fun like at Austin and Zooma.  Only, I'll be all alone so maybe it'll be more of Spirt of Pittsburgh kind of day.  

No matter what happens, this race, just like every other, will have a time and a reason.  I just don't know quite what they are.... yet!  

Oh and there's a medal (first year).  Yay for bling!  


Autumn said...

Hi Susan, I don't actually know you and can't really remember how I started following your blog, but....BC is a fast course! This was my first half, and my time was 2:08, and my other two halves since then have been 2:24 and 2:19. Go with the flow, I think you'll be surprised ;) I love this race, and I'm so glad they're finally giving away finishers medals! Getting excited!

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