Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Photo Session

Yesterday when I was running at North Park I saw a professional photographer have SEVERAL sessions with little kids (that's what happens when you run for three plus hours).  While running over the past few weeks, I've noticed how beautiful the scenery has been and kept telling myself I would take pictures of my kids in the fall foliage.  Well yesterday I realized these leaves were not going to be around for long and I vowed I would take pictures of my kids TODAY.

Well you can imagine what happened right?  Just as I was going to the bus to pick up the kids the skies were getting gray and dark and it started to rain.  It looked like I wasn't going to be able to take pictures today after all.  On the way back from picking up the kids, I just decided I would change them into their photo clothes and go to the park.  We'd get in what we could even if it was raining.  The good thing, I thought, was that if it was raining no one else would probably be there to see what an idiot I was taking pictures in the rain.

I went to the store today to pick up clothes for the kids to wear in said photo shoot and I spent about an hour shopping.  By the end of the hour all I had was a new pair of jeans for myself and nothing for the kids to wear.  I as so frustrated I just decided to put them in clothes they already had.  I think it turned out cute.

Well, you can be the judge.  Here are some of my favorites from today's mini photo sesh.


robringer said...

Great Pictures!!

Renee Crider said...

I think they turned out good - the backdrop almost looks fake (in a good way)!! Love those fall colors.

Kortni said...

Your kids are killer cute!

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