Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

I'm sure y'all have heard of Superstorm Sandy and the havoc she has wreaked across this part of the country.  Well, on Monday Halloween was cancelled and rescheduled for Saturday November 3rd.  As you know we're supposed to be in New York City for the marathon.  

Luckily, my kids dressed up last Friday for a scavenger hunt at the local grocery store and they wore their costumes again tonight at a party at my friend Tracey's.  Here are the pictures I took from last Friday.  

Ella is Katy Perry, Nicholas is Jase from TV show Duck Dynasty and Jack is Atom from the movie Real Steel.

When Ella told me she wanted to be Katy Perry, I immediately got excited.  When I looked up the costume online, however, I was disappointed in the costume for the price.  It was almost $50 (plust the wig) and it was cheap and ugly.  So Jami and I came up with this creation.

I really loved the way it turned out and, most importantly she did too.

 If you don't watch Duck Dynasty you won't appreciate Nicholas' costume.

Here's Jase in real life for a quick comparison.

He makes a good Jase, I think!

Then there's Jack.  He was Atom the robot boxer from the movie Real Steel.  I really didn't like his costume, but he was so excited to about it.  I wish I could have made his, but I'm not that creative.  That and no one knows who the hell he is anyway.  Someone at school thought he was a trashcan.

Right, left...

Right, Left...


Happy Halloween from the Tirch kids and Sadie!

I'm just trying to finish this little contest in the top 25.  If you could take the time to click the link and then the thumbs up next to my blog name I'd be forever grateful.  Here's the link... click here
I know these contest don't really matter in the grand scheme of things, but the Type A in me can't finish in 27th place.  Thanks friends! 


Letty Runzo Henry said...

Love the costumes! :)

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