Sunday, October 7, 2012

NYC Marathon Training Long Run: 12 Miles

Today my marathon training plan called for a 10k Race.  Seeing as there weren't any 10k races around this weekend, I decided to just adjust my weekly mileage and run 12 miles with Tracey this morning.  As it turns out a bunch of us were able to get together and I met up with Tracey, Barb, Charlene, Kristy, and Lisa.  Just Tracey, Kristy and I were planning to do 12 and the rest 6.

Charlene, Lisa, Barb, Kristy and Tracey

We set out and were no more than maybe a quarter of a mile into the run and I had a VERY sudden urge to go to the bathroom.  So I booked ahead of the girls as fast as I could to try to hit the restroom and not have to have them stop for me.  Unfortunately my "sprint" included a big hill.  It felt good to be giving it my all, even if it was just for about 3/4 of a mile.  I made it to the bathroom without any incidents and the girls only circled for a moment waiting for me.  So it all worked out.

Everyone seemed to be in their running groove today.  We were running fast (in my opinion) and my legs were definitely letting me now they weren't exactly happy about it.  I tried to push it to the back of my mind and tell myself I could run the quicker pace.

Mile 1:  9:25
Mile 2:  9:43
Mile 3:  10:10
Mile 4:  10:13
Mile 5:  10:11
Mile 6:  10:11

The only good thing about the good pace is that one loop was finished just like that.  We said goodbye to Charlene, Barb and Lisa and Kristy, Tracey and I set back out for the second loop.  Kristy warned us that she wouldn't be as fast on the second loop, but I knew I'd be the weak link not her.  (I was right).  Kristy did awesome, as did Tracey.

Kristy and Tracey 

I was trying to keep up, but the hills were killing my hamstrings and the pace was just a bit fast for me.  I keep telling myself that when I give my legs the rest they need, I'll be able to run the pace I want.  Some people dread it, but I'm really looking forward to the taper.

Nonetheless, I made it through the next 6 miles and completed 12 miles with no incident.

Mile 7:  10:38
Mile 8:  10:16
Mile 9:  10:10
Mile 10:  10:33
Mile 11:  10:25
Mile 12:  10:48

Total: 2:02:52
Average:  10:14

Once again, thanks to all the ladies for joining me (allowing me to join you) on the run this morning.  I wouldn't make it through all this training without you ladies!


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