Monday, October 1, 2012

September Photostream

Here are my pictures from September that you may have missed (because I never posted them on the blog).  If you don't feel like waiting until the end of the month to find out all this great stuff, feel free to follow me on Instragram (MomSwimBikeRun).  

We got VERY busy, as in there is something to do every night (except Friday).  It's a bit overwhelming to be honest, but it's all part of being a mother of three very active kids. 

Part of those activities is deck hockey for Jack.  He loves it!

Everyone went back to school and I had a little fun comparing all the "first day of school" pictures from years past.

Jack got a 4-wheeler for his birthday.

We enjoyed some fun time together swinging at the park.

Ella got a "girly girl" present from her new friend (whom she wants to be her mother) Stacy.

Jack and I spend a lot of afternoons snuggled on the couch.  I still love his baby tootsies.

I bought my first CrossFit shirt!  I love it, and want to wear it every day.  Weird?

Haha, Ella's favorite foods:  Pizza, Wings, Chicken, Ice Cream, Ravioli, Carrots, Spaghetti, Apples, Cookies and Chili with Crackers.

I bought this necklace and I LOVE it.  I could wear this (with my CrossFit shirt) every day.

Ella as goal keeper.  Love it!

This is a text message that Nicholas sent me from his iPod after I was just upstairs "yelling" at he and Jack to quiet down and get to bed.

Fall is in full swing in Pittsburgh.  I love the scenery, but not the cold....

... or the rain.

Ella got back her school pictures.  First grade?  How is she so big?

Our new homesite.

And the view from our back yard.

Pretty exciting stuff no?  Don't forget to follow me on Instagram.  I love me some internet stalker friends.  My UserID is MomSwimBikeRun.

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Love the pictures of your precious family! I am always quite jealous of your fall pictures.

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