Sunday, October 21, 2012

Triple B Farms 2012

Warning picture overload ahead!  

Today was our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. My dad usually comes to visit so he can go to the pumpkin patch with us.  It's a nice tradition for the kids.  We made the trek all the way to Elizabeth, PA to my favorite pumpkin farm, Triple B Farms.  

The reason I like Triple B is because it is so large and there is so much stuff to do.  Even with a large crowd, it doesn't seem like it's too crowded.  Although today was probably the most crowded I've seen it since we started going in 2005.

Ella, Nicholas, Jack and Jack's school Macot Snicker
 (he got to come home with Jack for the weekend and went with us everywhere)
One of our favorite things about Triple B is the FOOD!  Seriously, you're surprised?  We love the cinnamon, sugar donuts.  They're so good and are usually warm.  I ate 4 today.  NOT a typo!  FOUR!! As you can see the kids were eager to get their hands on them, as was PaPa Dan.

First up we did the corn maze.  It's been a bit lame in years past, but this year it was at least a bit more challenging and the kids had fun finding their way through.

After we got out of the corn maze we started the workout portion of the day.  I really thought I was going to be able to ring that bell, you know CrossFit and all.  Ha!

Try as I might, I still wound up a little short.

At least I did better than Nicholas.

Of course, George had to show me up.  Whatever people!

Dad sat this one out.

Even Ella gave the kiddy version a try and rang that bell.

I was surprised, but Jack was able to do it to.  Go little Jack, Jack!

They also had a massive sling shot that shot tennis balls.  It took son coordination and finesse.  Ella got it with a little coaching.

But of course Nicholas was the best.

I'm so happy that Jack was still enthusiastic about riding the tractor.  I know there will come a day when he doesn't want to "pretend ride" and that day will break my heart.  I have this same picture going back MANY years.  Breaks my heart.

I also have the hay bale shot going back many years too.  Crazy Halloween tights tend to be a theme.  I guess I know what I like.  Ella is getting to be too grown up.  Ugh, make it stop.  I know I say it all the time, but I just can't stand the thought of my babies not being babies.  I wish I could have another.  There I said it.  Not gonna happen but...

The kids, George and my dad started acting like a bunch of animals.  It was so embarrassing.  It's appropriate that Ella is the pig.  That child is eating like crazy lately.  Growth spurt anyone?

How long will it be until he reaches the 6 foot mark?  Ok probably never, but you get my drift.  And by the way, this isn't to scale because all of my kids are taller than it shows they are.  I mean we're short, but not that short.

I was really surprised that Ella let a goat eat directly from her hand.  The boys weren't as brave and put their pellets down the chute.

We really did luck out with a beautiful day.  It was the perfect fall day.  It wasn't too hot or too cold.

We took advantage when the sun came out to shed our coats and enjoy the tube slide.

And then the water ducky things.  Yeah, I'm not sure what they're called but you pump the water and it pushes the duck down to the person pumping at the other end.

It's always a big hit with the kids.

The only thing left to do (and trust me there is a lot we did not pictured) was the hay ride.  So we hopped a tractor out to the pumpkin fields.

There were so many big pumpkins and the kids liked looking at them all, but we didn't purchase any.  We already had our at home because I'm cheap and found them at Aldi for $1.50.  I know, I'm a bad mom.

We really had a great day spending time as a family.

And the kids really love their PaPa Dan.  I'm really glad he came out again this year for our annual trip. Who knows how many we have left.  

Until next year Triple B.


Kortni said...

Jonah and Nicholas have the same shirt and both had it on today! We were at a fall festival in 90 degree heat! So funny! Love all the fall shots...great memories!

momswimbikerun said...

now we're even reading each other's blog at the same time! ha!

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