Saturday, October 27, 2012

Yurbuds Inspire for Women

Today I got to do something really awesome and that was to host a little running "party" and give my friends some cool stuff.  

The people at Yurbuds sent me the new Yurbuds Inspire for Women (available exclusively at Target) earphones for all my friends and I to try.  If you're a long time reader, then you know I own Yurbuds and have used them in the past.  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them and am convinced there is no better/more comfortable earbud.  So, I was beyond stoked to share these with all my friends. 

One of the reasons I write my blog in the first place is for inspiration-- to both give (hopefully) and receive.  My personal biggest source of inspiration is always other women.  Women just like me (and maybe you), women who are mothers, women who work, women who are wives-- just busy women in general.  

I think it is VERY important for women to lift up each other, to support one another and remind each other that a bit of inspiration isn't that far away.  If we join together, we can inspire and lift up one another.  There is NO reason for women to continually bring down other women.  

Part of the philosophy at Yurbuds is also to INSPIRE people-- to inspire people to push themselves beyond the wall.   So I figured I'd ask my biggest sources of inspirations (my girls, my friends) what inspires them to go BEYOND THE WALL.  And because we can't ALWAYS be there for one another, what song they'd like to hear in their Yurbuds to help get them there.  


Beyond the Wall Moment:  Having to tell myself to put one foot in front of the other.

What Inspires Her: Knowing what that feeling is like when you cross the finish line. You push through the pain to get there. And it's all worth it. 

Her "go to" Inspiration Song:  "Lose yourself" by Eminem, "Crazy Train" by ozzy ozborne, "Mr. Brightside" by the killers


Beyond the Wall Moment:  Usually when I start crying.

What Inspires Her:  Passing people in front of me.

Her "go to" Inspiration Song:  Keep the faith by Bon Jovi 


Beyond the Wall Moment:  The infamous "wall"!  I remember my first marathon in Columbus and getting to mile 20 thinking - well, here we are - where is that damn wall???  But we had trained really well and I didn't feel horrible until mile 23.  Struggling beyond that wall point helps tremendously if you "bring along a friend"!  It isn't always easy to find someone you run so incredibly well with that you can stick together for 26.2 miles but sometimes it does happen and it is the best!  Lean on each other, support each other, talk to each other and encourage each other and before you know it you are past the worst of it!  A totally different "wall" moment was at the Philly marathon with Kristy and Michelle.  We did Hal Higdon's training together and were well prepared.  I started having foot issues during the latter part of training but figured I was ready.  Well this time I hit the wall (foot first) at mile 13.  I told the girls to go on ahead because I anticipated some major problems for me for the second half.  And I was right.  Hobbled and cried my way through the second half pushed on by the fact that I had signed up for and trained well for this 26.2 miles and gosh darn it I was going to finish it!  An xray at the doctors after we got home showed a stress fracture (metatarsal - right foot).  Aha - that would explain the pain!  

What Inspires Her:  I think it is truly a mental thing going into these long runs and races.  Even in training, you set a number in your head in the morning and that is what you do regardless of whether you feel crappy or have to walk a lot.  (I think runners may be a bit OCD

Her "go to" Inspiration Song:  I use all my spin playlists when I run.  Sometimes a slow song will come on that I use to climb a strong hill with and depending on my mood I may listen to part of it but if I find it is dragging me down I just skip it.  I love techno type music with a really good strong beat!


Beyond the Wall Moment:  Finishing my first marathon. The last few miles were tough, but all of my training paid off when I crossed the finish line. The tears started flowing and I felt such a sense of accomplishment. I pushed myself to do something I never thought I would.

What Inspires Her:  My inspiration is just to be the best I can be.  When I start to struggle during a run or a workout, I think about what my body is able to do and that pushes me even more.

Her "go to" Inspiration Song:  Proud Mary by Tina Turner and How Far We've Come by Matchbox Twenty


Beyond the Wall Moment:  Hmmm...that's a tough one because I don't have many (any) really big runs under my belt but, I'd have to say that the time when I really had to push myself to keep going was just last weekend when I had 7 miles planned and was on my own for a change.  Since 7 miles was as far as I had ever gone, I really had to dig deep to keep myself moving.

What Inspires Her:  The desire to prove to myself that I can actually do it.

Her "go to" Inspiration Song: "Rock that Body" by Blacked Eyed Peas - how can a person not be motivated by those words?!?!


Beyond the Wall Moment:  My "beyond the wall" moment came at around mile 16 of the 2012 Pittsburgh marathon. I was hot, tired, nauseated, had lost my run group and realized I still had ten miles to go. I wanted to quit. I actually called my husband, who told me my family had just parked to meet me at the finish line. I kept walking, regrouped, put my music on for the first time during the race, and finished my first marathon!

What Inspires Her:  My inspirations are my friend Sara and my son Brendan. Sara is a soon-to-be three time Ironman who gives me support and motivation through every work out, even when the workouts suck. And I run for my son Brendan. He is the sweetest, most loving boy God ever created. He also has severe autism, which makes his life a constant challenge. He works hard every day. When I think about his life, I realize any workout is possible. 

Her "go to" Inspiration Song:  Move Along by The All-American Rejects


Beyond the Wall Moment:  This is a tough one.  I often dread the actual work out/run/race, but I know that I'll feel so much better after I do it so I don't give myself the option to back out.  This is actually why it's better when I know that I'm going to be meeting someone for a workout because I know that I don't want to let the other person down by not showing up. 

What Inspires Her:  Honestly, it's my friends.  I know many other moms, [Susan] included, that make fitness a priority and show that you can be a great Mom and also not feel guilty spending time taking care of yourself.  I want to set a good example for my daughters in setting a goal and achieving it.  That's why I signed up for my first 1/2 marathon which I'll run next Spring. 

Her "go to" Inspiration Song:  My favorite running/work out motivating song is extremely cheesy - Eye of the Tiger.  There is something about having grown up in the 80s that when I hear that song I am reminded of dance parties in the basement with my sister and cousins.  I think that I actually run faster when I hear the song. 

Thank you so much ladies for sharing your stories and inspirations. You all continue to inspire me and hopefully you'll inspire a few readers too. And thank you to Yurbuds for bringing us all together today.

What is your Beyond the Wall Moment? What Inspires you?  
What is your go to motivational song?


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