Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four Peas Giveaway

I'm really excited to be hosting this awesome giveaway for all your parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles/ anyone who has a kid they know and like out there.  I'll be honest, I get contacted to review products quite a bit.  I don't accept products that A) really don't have anything to do with my blog (i.e. mom/kid things or fitness things) or B) a product I don't think I could get behind.  When Four Peas contacted me, however I knew it was a product that ALL moms/dads would love and a product my kids and I could get behind.

The wonderful people at Four Peas sent me three items (one for each of my lovely children).  Jack got the Spacebot Lunch Bag.  He immediately fell in love with it.  He doesn't pack a lunch to go to school everyday anymore, but he keeps asking me if I'll take him somewhere that he can pack a lunch.  He's too cute and so is this bag.  So today we packed up dinner and headed to dance class (for Ella).  He was so happy.  Guess what?  Now he wants the matching backpack!  Christmas maybe?

Nicholas received the Rocker Supply Bag.  It's meant for school supplies, like glue and scissors, but Nicholas had different plans.  Apparently this is a GREAT way to store your duck call, gum and iPod.  Hey it just says supply bag.  Those are his supplies.  I imagine most kids could find a use for this type of bag.  I think it would be a great toiletry bag for traveling.

Finally, Ella was the lucky recipient of the Pink on Earth Toddler Backpack.  Even though Ella is NOT a toddler, this is still a great bag for her.  She used it for a sleep over last week and it fit all the things she needed nicely.  It's not quite big enough for what she'd need for school, but it is a fun size for carrying things to and from Granny's or playdates and such.  It's super cute and she really loved it.

The kids also especially loved the keychain charms that came with the backpack and supply bag.

I have to say, I have high standards when it comes to quality of items and I was very pleased with the quality of the Four Peas products.  Not only do they look great, but they are EXCELLENT quality too.  I feel like they will hold up to the test of time.  I also like that you can match everything and have the same backpack and lunch box and that's just because I think it's cute.  Who doesn't like matchy matchy?

The people at Four Peas are kind enough to offer one of my readers a $50 gift card to use for whatever item you wish.  All you have to do to enter the contest is ALL of the following:

  • Like Mom Swim Bike Run on Facebook and/or be a follower of this blog (if you don't have a facebook account)
  • Like Four Peas on Facebook 
  • Browse the Four Peas website and then leave me a comment telling me you 1) like Mom Swim Bike Run on Facebook, 2) you like Four Peas on Facebook and tell me what item you would buy with a $50 gift card.   
You must do ALL of the items listed in order to be eligible to win the gift card.  Thanks and good luck to everyone and I will draw a random winner on Sunday at 8:00 pm EST 


ShannonHughes said...

I LOVE mom swim bike run!!!! I love Four Peas product super cute stuff. I had to narrow down my list. Haha. Garrett liked the big shark pencil bag and Rhilynn liked the rainbow heart lunch bag. I like the pink monkey duffle bag for the gym and the blue monkey supply bag!

Kristen said...

Those are SOOOO cute!! Aiden would love the "Save The Blue" ones...he's SOOOO into the ocean stuff...Octonauts, the Aquarium, yadda yadda yadda. I might have to be buying!

tracey smith said...

1) I like Mom Swim Bike Run on FB
2) I like Four Peas on FB
3) I would definitely buy the bag Ella has because Jenna loved it.

Courtney Tobin said...

Of course I follow your blog and facebook page:) Really enjoy reading your posts! This is a really cute site!! I love the Big shark pencil case and Spacebot School Backpack and lunchbox!! The keychains are super cute too!! Oh, and I liked Four Peas on FB too!

Jenn said...

1. I like Mom Swim Bike Run on fb

2. I like Four Peas on fb

3. I would buy three of the supply bags for each of my children to keep toiletries, etc while going to vacation, overnight trips, etc

Lisa McCarthy said...

I liked you and Four Peas on facebook. I would get the Spunky Stripe Toddler Backpack for Maggie. She's got a hand me down backpack from Emily and Sarah that is in rough shape. I know she'd love it!

Autumn said...

I like you on Facebook, and I liked Four Peas on Facebook. I think I would pick the pink whale lunch bag for my sweet niece.

Julie said...

Product Sku #: MBSP like this like u on fb like Four Peas fb Julie A Scott Laws thanks

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