Sunday, November 18, 2012

Getting a Jump on Things

The holidays are such a hectic time.  You "have" to decorate the house, bake the cookies, shop for presents, make homemade gifts, plan a party, go to a party, etc etc etc.  It's exhausting and often times I feel so overwhelmed come mid December that I can't wait for the Holiday to just be over.  

I found that doing things a bit early helps to alleviate stress.  So, I normally put up my tree the day after Thanksgiving and get my holiday card picture taken that same day (in front of the tree).  I then get my cards made and delivered the first week of December.  I breath a sigh a relief when it's all over and it allows me to enjoy things a little more.  

Anyway, since I'm going out of town for Thanksgiving and the week after we get home seems a little hectic, we decided to just put the tree up today.  Don't worry the whole outside is still decorated for Thanksgiving so no one knows we're all crazy and decorated for Christmas up in here.  Well that was until I posted these pics on the internet.  Oh well (don't tell anyone) k?  Thanks!  

We put up a bigger "fancy" tree downstairs.  You can see it in the background below. 

And then the kids decorated a kid friendly tree in the hall outside their bedrooms.

As you can see, we had a good time.

The biggest joy of decorating the tree every year is for the kids to unwrap all their special ornaments they've collected and made over the years.

Even though we don't have any of our Christmas ornaments, the kids still had fun putting everything together.

Thankfully Jami had plenty of decorating for us to do and we had a great day getting the house feeling all festive.

Even though it's not quite Christmas season, we're kinda feeling it here in the Tirch household.  

And in two weeks, we'll seem normal.


Gknee said...

Awesome long as the kids are happy..mama and daddy are happy (granny too)

Girls Run Faster said...

We put up our tree last week too! It looks so good, and I'm all ready for the holidays :) :) (But then I don't have kids and have to wrap a million gifts)

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