Monday, November 26, 2012

How to Dress Your Wife for the Holidays

Now I'm not saying that there are many men out there reading (I know there are some, but I doubt it's the majority), but there could be a certain male out there who is just looking to know what to buy his wife for the holidays.

Now I'm not saying what type of woman would like this, but she's probably VERY athletic (and pretty, and smart, and funny... well you get the point).  She runs, she likes to do CrossFit and she loves to look fashionable.

Now you'll need to dress her from head to toe.  So let's start at the top.

You know I she'll like a good sweaty band.  It really doesn't matter what kind.  Sweatybands are just the best.  I'm thinking she needs the Viva Diva in 1 inch black.  Oh yes she does.  Hello Stocking stuffer... get in my her stocking.

Next up, the Star Runner Short Sleeve Shirt from Lululemon.  I'm thinking purple would look nice.  Anything heatherish would be fine.  Let it be known, if this item is out of stock any similar item will do.

And because it can't always be trusted to be warm outside, then we'll need a little something to go over it.  Well lookie there, The Swiftly Tech 1/2 Zip.  No color other than the black will do.  What?  It's just slimming!

And because you don't want her walking around naked on the bottom then you'll need a little something for that too.  I'd recommend a tried and true item-- The Under Armour Heat Gear Capri.

Now I get the feeling that she's probably not going to wear these socks with the capris, but she'll want them when wearing shorts.  Nevertheless, I'm throwing it out there, just in case you need another stocking stuffer.  Anyway, The Reebok Women's CrossFit Sock will do.

And finally, we can't expect anyone to go around barefoot now can we?  What would look better with the Reebok CrossFit socks than the Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0 (black and pink of course).

So there you have it.  A complete en-semb for your lovely lady.  If she gets ALL these items, she will definitely thank you!  


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