Monday, November 19, 2012

How to Make a No Sew Infinity Scarf for Less than $5

Whenever I was young (who knows when that was) I would watch the latest TV shows and Soap Operas (yes really) to find out what all the latest fashion trends were.  I remember having to find myself guitar string bracelets because I'd seen them on Jenny Garth (90210 in case you didn't know). 

Then, I got older and had three kids.  All the sudden it was more important for my kids to have all their wants and needs than it was for me to have anything.  I still liked nice things, but I paid a lot less attention to what was in style.  In addition, in 2009 I started wearing scrubs to work and I swear I never really thought about fashion again.  Ha!  

I try to look nice I really do, but most days I prefer to just be in yoga pants.  I'm more about comfort than style.  I will say, however, that I fell in love with a trend that I've seen for a year or so now (it's probably been going on for five) and that is the infinity scarf.  The problem is they're $30 (or more) and I don't want to pay that much because, quite frankly, I rather spend that $30 on either something else or something for my kids.  

I originally saw this post on some crafting site but I stumble upon from another blog.  I can't for the life of me remember where it was.  So if you know please let me know and I'd be happy to give credit where credit is due.  

But anyway, here's how you can make this cute infinity scarf with nothing but a T-shirt and a pair of scissors and 2 minutes of your time.  

I made the gray one above, but quickly realized I wanted to spice up my life (ha!) and chose this mustard color because I think it's a great way to wear a splash of color without breaking out of my basic black routine. 

Back to the tutorial.... 


  • XL to XXL T-Shirt  I got the gray one above for $2 at Walmart.  It came in a 2 pack (black and gray) of undershirts.  The mustard one (below) I had to splurge and spent $4.97 (also at Walmart).  
  • Scissors

Take your T-shirt and cut off the bottom seam like so.

cut, cut, cut.

Don't worry if the edge is a little ragged.  It doesn't really show or matter.

Next make a straight line and cut below the arm pits.

Cut, cut, cut...

Your T-shirt should now look like so.

Now stretch, stretch, stretch.  (Don't mind the boxes behind me.  Those are all my wardrobe boxes).  Forget what I said about not buying myself anything.  Ok, but imagine what it looked like BEFORE kids).  

Viola a cute little infinity scarf.

I really like it and it literally took me two minutes.  I want one in every color T-shirt Walmart can make, but I'll settle for the three I already have.  The sacrifices a mother has to make!


GkneeWatchpot said...

Gonna make a couple tomorrow, but with old t shirts..wonder if that will look ok?

tracey smith said...

Looks great on you. I just can't pull off a scarf. Another reason why I need you to shop with me (or make me one so I can try it!)

Diane Schreck said...

Ran out and bought one red and one green big t-shirt, each $4. The crayon green one will be awesome on St. Patrick's Day. Thanks.

becky said...

just made one with an old shirt that had some graphics off to one side of the front. Adds a splash of color! Would recommend getting the largest size possible. "old" would be ok as long as the fabric still looks good. Before cutting just fold the shirt into half or fourth and cutting is done in a flash...or in a "snip?"

kat said...


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