Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jack's Thanksgiving Feast

Today was Jack's Thanksgiving feast at school.  He got to invite ONE person to come-- anyone that he wanted.  He actually told me he wanted me to come.  I was so shocked,  I asked him if he really wanted Daddy to come.  He said, well yes, but I want you.  Well, as it turned out George couldn't get away from work anyway.  He was stuck with good ole mom and I couldn't have been happier.  Who wouldn't want to have a feast with this little dude? 

I walked in to the school and Jack greeted me at the door.  He then lead me into the room where we would eat.  He was so proud of all the hard work he had done to make the table look so pretty.  

He spent a lot of time telling me just how he made this thing or that.  It was nice to see because he got to do something special for me and he learned something along the way.

Before we ate, however, there were some performances.  Jack is so painfully shy.  I can tell he knew every word and every hand movement, he just had no desire to do it in front of all the on lookers.  Who can blame him really?  

It was such a nice time spending this small bit of quality time with my little bear.  He had my undivided attention and he took it.  He was full of pride, love and lots of snuggles.

This day may not seem like anything special to you reading about it, but it was really special to me.  It was my last Thanksgiving feast I will ever get to attend in preschool.  This is the last time I'll probably be able to force him to wear a pair of corduroys and a festive sweater.  It's the last time he'll probably make me a paper mache pumpkin.  The last time he'll seem so little.

No matter, it is a moment I don't want to soon forget and one I'm incredibly thankful for.  Thanks Jack, for not picking Daddy, just this once.  It means more to me than you know.


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