Thursday, November 8, 2012

October Photostream

Here it is November 8th and I haven't posted my October Photostream post.  You've been patient, thanks for waiting.  I promise not to be such a slacker next time!  Ok, ok you didn't notice.  Whatever.  

We had several double dates with this cutie.  I think there are a long list of gentleman callers for Miss Jenna, but at least Jack is in the running.  

I might look like I'm taking a big dump (sorry it's true) but it's my only Crossfit action shot to date.  My shoulder surgeon should be proud!

Little feet watching their brother play deck hockey.  I captured only their tootsies, but they were sharing their iPod earphones and giggling hysterically over speeding up all the songs.  Thankfully they love each other most days.

Our house FINALLY started.  This is the basement.  You like?

We've been enjoying living in a "walking neighborhood" and walk a lot of places including the grocery store.  The kids enjoyed several "ready, set, gos" during this particular walk.  I love Jack's "go" shot.

Just because he's too darn cute for his own good.

I'm scared of a few things in this picture.  Exhibit A)  The hat.  What is that?  Who thinks this looks good?  and B)  My wrinkles.  Do they do Botox on your cheeks?

At my nephew's football game Jack and my niece's boyfriend Frank bonded over pictures of dead deer on Frank's camo covered iPhone.  Hillbillies unite!

Two of the most beautiful girls I know (Ella and my niece Abbey for anyone that doesn't know).  I love them both so much.

My nephew plays college football for Allegheny College and my kids really look up to him.  You should too because his dedication and determination are unrivaled.

We had a visit from PaPa Dan.  This required setting out SEVERAL candy dishes.  It's a long running joke because he always says he's not going to eat any, but is always found with his hand in the cookie jar candy dish.

Blog BFF, Kortni sent me homemade pumpkin, chocolate chip bread.  I've never met nor talked to Kortni in person, but we have become fast friends through this crazy thing called the internet.  Our lives are so parallel and she is someone that inspires me to be better.  I don't think it's a mistake that our paths have crossed.  She'll be coming to stay with me to run the Pittsburgh Marathon in May.  Don't get any ideas, she's gone through a vigorous screening process (not really).  I don't just invite everyone I meet on the internet to spend the night.  

Again... too

Ella eats sushi.  Not like a normal person, but she eats it nonetheless.

The pieces of my house arrived.  I imagine there is a little note attached that says, "some assembly required".

A sign of an unexpectedly warm fall afternoon.

Bangs are a pain in the ass.  Too long in just 3 weeks.  I'll be growing them out now.  It was fun while it lasted.

Did you know I wear glasses (and like to drink wine on Friday nights)?

The end of Ella's outdoor soccer season.  She had a GREAT time with this team.

You must have a healthy snack for the Halloween you say?  Turn mandarin oranges into Jack O Lanterns.  What?  It's the best I could do.

A Happy Halloween from Ella.  I love this picture for so many reason.  I especially love the hands.  Wouldn't it be nice if we had fingers that went all around like that?

I don't care what anyone says.  We're twins.

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Kortni said...

You are too sweet. I also think I happened upon your blog for a reason...can't wait for May! You could so substitute Samuel for Jack in the picture looking at a dead deer...hilarious!

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