Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I keep seeing people on Facebook writing things they are thankful for each day.  They started on November 1st and are continuing to write something they are thankful for each day until the end of November.  I thought about joining in, but didn't know if I could come up with something heartfelt and meaningful every single day.  Then I realized, sometimes it's the simple things in life we should be thankful for and that's ok too.  Damn I should have started that list, now I'm 14 days behind.

Never fear my friends because I have this little thingy here called a blog and you know what?  It's my blog and I don't have to follow the rules if I don't want to.  So there!  I'll be starting (and ending) my thankful list right here today.  Maybe it'll have 30 items on it, maybe probably it won't (remember it's my rules).  We won't know til we get to the end now will we?

1.  I'm thankful for my husband.  He's loving and caring and always supportive.  He seems to love me unconditionally (I say seems to because who know if he really hates me deep down inside) and is really good at showing it.  Just so you know, it's not all roses and butterflies over here, he drives me crazy.  EVERY DAY.  Every day I'm cursing him under my breath for some reason (probably stupid reasons) because I honestly believe men are from Mars.  But, he's pretty awesome and I love him waaaay more than he drives me nuts.  I am really bad at showing it, but when he reads the blog I'll be off the hook for at least 1 or 2 days.

2.  Gingerbread Lattes

3.  The health and safety of my friends and family.  So many people have sick relatives and friends, or even worse have lost someone who is close to them.  I think so often about the "what ifs".  I can't imagine if/when something happens to someone I love.  It's heartbreaking to see those around me and their struggles and I thank God (literally) for the health and happiness of those around me.  Life is short and we should be thankful for every healthy moment.

My sister and her friend Marta who got a sad diagnosis 
One of my Pharmacy BFFs son who has a heart condition 
Tracey and her family with her precious father who recently passed away

4.  The ability to have food at my fingertips and really never be hungry (despite saying I'm STARVING a million times a week). 

5.  My friend Jami.  She's a single girl with a big house and a big heart and she's taken in myself an my family while our house is being built. I know I'm not easy to live with, yet Jami hasn't once complained about me or anyone in my family (not to me anyway).  She's helpful and really acts like a second mom to my kids.  I'll never be able to thank her for taking us in, and therefore not having to deal with all the hassles of living in a temporary housing situation.  She's a true friend and I'd give her a hug if she liked that sort of thing (she hates hugs). 

6.  Electric blankets (although mine is in storage).  Nothing better!  

7.  For the opportunity God gave me to live in Texas an become connected with some of the best people I think I will ever meet in my lifetime.  I feel so blessed to have been given the chance to live in Texas, even if it was short lived.  The experience I had and relationships I made far surpassed anything I could have imagined when we moved there.  I'll always remember and love Texas dearly. 

8.  Sweet kisses from my babies.  

9.  The opportunity to stay at home with my kids and not have to work.  I know that is a HUGE luxury that so many don't have and I try very hard to never take it for granted.  I do know I've NEVER (as in EVER, EVER) wished I was at work and not with my kids.  Ha!

10.  For all my friends.  Whether we talk every day or not.  Whether we're friends in real life or blog life.  Whether we are Facebook friends or "real" friends.  So many people touch my life.  You may not know the impact that you have on my life because I'm not really good at showing it, but I do appreciate each any every person in my life (including anyone reading this).  Behind these words is a real person, a human being, with faults and flaws, but I am incredibly grateful for all my relationships, big or small even if I don't say it enough.

11.  Obviously first and foremost on my thankful list is my family.  That means my children, my mother, my father and step-father, my sisters, my brother, my cousins, my aunts... everyone.  I try not to take anyone for granted and try to show everyone in my life that they mean something to me.  Even if it's just a phone call, a text, a Facebook chat or an email.  I wish I made more time to show my family that I love them.  That's why they make these thankful lists in the first place-- so we can reminds the ones we love that we're thankful they're in our lives.  So to all of my family, I love you and I'm thankful for YOU!

12.  Lastly, thank you for being here reading.  So many times (MANY, MANY times) I ask myself why I do this.  Why I write this little blog every day.  Then someone says something nice to me about my blog and it reminds me that someone is out there.  I can't see you, but I'm thankful you're there.

I didn't make it to 30 (I knew I wouldn't) but maybe there will be a part II.  
Until then, tell me... What are YOU thankful for?  


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Kortni said...

Funny as always and I am thankful that I know you will write a post at least four if not five nights a week. It is a happy thing on my FB feed and the first thing I almost always read/do after putting my kiddos to bed. So, keep blogging!!!

robringer said...

very nice. my comment is a bit late...kinda haven't had time to read or post to blogs recently.

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