Thursday, November 29, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Sibling Edition

Back: Amy (left) and Sara (right)
Front:  Susan and Tim 
So much of my childhood memories revolve around my brother and my sisters.  I would assume that is true for anyone that has siblings.  Am I right?  Tim and I are 18 months apart and Tim and Sara are 11 months apart and our sister Amy is older than me by 8 years.  

I definitely looked up to my sister Amy so much (actually I still do in a lot of ways).  She was definitely the "cool big sister" in my eyes.  I idolized her and wanted to be just like her.  She was smart and pretty much perfect at everything she did.  I'm sure I was a more of a pain to my sister than anything else, but she always made me feel loved.  

Sara, Tim and I, since we were so close in age, went through all the experiences in life at pretty much the same time.  We did everything together and not always because we wanted to.  We fought ALL the time, but when it came down to it we would rally and fight for one another.  

My brother and sisters are some of the smartest people I know.  They are funny, witty, crafty, creative and did I say smart.  Damn they are smart!  My favorite quality though, is that they all have an awesome sense of humor.  When I'm with my siblings we always laugh and have so much fun.  

Even though it's tough to be as close as we once were as children, when we do get together I'm always reminded of how much I love these people whose blood I share.  So many people wouldn't pick their siblings if given the chance, but I'd pick mine.  We all have flaws, and we're all a mess at times, but I love them all-- then and now!  

If you're following along in the Adventures of the Elf on the Shelf:  Lulu (which I'm updating everyday so it will become a full list of all Lulu's adventures so click the link to see ALL the ideas) then here are her escapades from yesterday.   

Lulu turned the milk green and then popped a squat in the fridge so sip some of her green frothy goodness.  The kids were NOT fans of the green milk.  Luckily the 1/2 gallon was almost gone.  


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