Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2012 Goal Flop

Back in the beginning of 2012 I wrote a post about my goals for 2012.  I know it's only December 4th, but I figure I should have met most of my goals by now so I thought maybe we should review.  Spoiler Alert:  I didn't meet my goals.


In my original post I said this:

Run 1000 miles.  Actually I think I'll make it 1012 in 2012.  That breaks down to be 19.46 miles per week.   I don't know what I'll be training for, but I'm sure it will involve running so 20 miles per week seems doable especially if I do one long run a week. 

I'm still looking to set a 5K PR.  My current record is 29:29 and I hope I can smash that record and run somewhere around 28:00.

Well yeah, about that. It just didn't happen.  Here's the breakdown.

Boo!  I only ran 793 miles.  I don't know how that is even possible, but considering I don't love running, then maybe it is.  Nevertheless, I'm still pretty disappointed in missing my goal by so much.  

Oh and as for that 5K, well I didn't even run one.  That's basically because I'm a wimp, but that's a story for another day.  I can't believe my 5K Pr is still 29:29.  Ugh!  

Up next... 


Here was my goal 

I'm not really sure how I should set my biking goals as it seems harder for me to get out on my bike.  I think it's because I really don't like to go alone and I haven't found anyone to ride with consistently.  It's up to me to accomplish my goals so I'm just going to have to learn to ride alone.   I'm considering cycling miles as miles earned in spin class or out on the road.  Since I'm going for 1000 (actually 1012) running miles why not try to hit 1000 biking miles too.  20 miles a week (that's basically one ride). 

And the results? 

529 miles ridden on the road and in spin class (the above just shows road miles).   Wow, again I really fell short.  I can honestly tell you that I think I didn't bike as much since I was training for a marathon, but then my running mileage isn't what I expected it to be either.  I just didn't do it.  No excuses, no anything.  I didn't make my goals.  

And then there's swimming.  


More than 2 training swims.  Ha!  I'd like to go once a week, but I just know that won't happen so even once a month would improve upon things.

The results are in... 

Haha, finally I made my goal!  More than 2 training swims.  I swam 4 times.  Take that!  

All I have to say is I'm totally stepping it up in ALL three areas in 2013.  I will meet my goals in 2013, but I'm going to wait to announce what they are exactly.  


Rain Gowens said...

Having goals I think is the most important part. And not meeting them will probably drive you to do more next year. Looks like a great year of running to me! And I can't speak for the cycling and swimming because I don't do either of those :)

robringer said...

So for running you burned on average about 67,405 calories for the year, and cycling you burned about 18,515 calories. Plus what you factor in for crossfit...which is tough to calculate...and we will call the swimming a wash. I would say that is a pretty productive year regardless of the goal. Ultimately why to we set goals? Something to strive for, to motivate us to drive us to be better. Would you say this year you are better? I bet you are. For 2013 if you are going to set a goal for miles...create a chart you can hang up in an inconspicuous spot of the house...and put a total at the top and everytime you workout subtract the amount from the total. give yourself a weekly and monthly goal...break it down You can do it susan

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