Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

We put the kids to bed on Christmas Eve with strict instructions that no one should wake us up before 7:00 am.  Since we are living with Jami and our bedroom is in the basement (the kids are upstairs), I told the kids they couldn't even come through the living room (on the first floor) to wake us up.  I told Nicholas to text me when he was awake.  

Sure enough 7:05 and my text messages started going off.  They were awake and ready to go.  

I'm so happy I captured their expressions coming down the stairs.  Is there anything better?  I challenge you to tell me what could be better.  

They didn't waste any time.  They started going to town, unwrapping in a frenzy.  It's hard to even capture it all.

I think Jack was the quickest in unwrapping.  He's unwrap, toss and move on to the next.

Nicholas would at least stop and show me each of his presents before he moved on.

Ella would call out each present as she got it too.  She wouldn't move on to the next present until I acknowledged that I had seen what she got.

This is Ella opening her Taylor Swift poster and tickets to the concert in July.  I thought Santa did a great job with this gift, but to be honest Ella was hardly fazed.  I just don't think she grasps what a concert is yet.  She'll be over the moon when we actually go to the concert. 

Everyone unwrapped and Nicholas opened present after present.

He was really hoping for a new iPod (the 5th generation 32 GB-- an upgrade), but I told him in all likelihood Santa would NOT bring it.  He had one gift left to open and when he opened it and it wasn't the iPod, I could tell he was disappointed.

Still he said he liked his beats and he watched as Ella and Jack finished opening their gifts.

Finally they all finished and just had their stockings left to open.   Stockings usually aren't too exciting.  A DVD-- fine.  Some body wash-- fine.   And then as Nicholas reaches into his stocking he pulls out a mystery item.  I watch him as he slowly turns it around and I see his brain trying to compute.  A 32 GB iPod touch!  He was so excited.   Nicholas thought that it was so sneaky of Santa to put it in the bottom of the stocking and make him think he wasn't going to get it.  I thought it was brilliant, however, and enjoyed every minute of it.

And just like that it was over.  What had taken weeks to prepare for was over in just 13 minutes!  

No matter how long it took, I enjoyed every minute of watching their faces light up.  There's just nothing like Christmas morning.  Nothing.  


robringer said...

great pictures of the kids coming down the steps!! so much joy!

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