Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve Review

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you've had a great time celebrating the reason for the season with the ones you love.  

Here's a recap of our Christmas festivities. 

Christmas Eve Eve we did our gift exchange with Jami.  Jami had taken each one of the kids shopping to buy presents for each other and pick out a present for mommy and daddy too.  They loved going shopping for one another and really had a blast picking out the perfect present for mommy and daddy.  Keeping it a secret was so fun for them too.  Jami is awesome!  

So in return Nicholas and Ella shopped at their Christmas shop at school for Jami's present and I took Jack to TJ Maxx.  He picked her out a $99 bracelet, but that was a little over our budget.  

He had to settle for some Crabtree and Evelyn body wash and lotion.  I don't think Jami minded.

Ella got Jami a GROOVY mood ring which Jami thought was AWESOME.

She also got her a Steelers ornament for her tree which I thought was an odd pick for Ella, but Ella was proud and Jami loved it and hung it right on the tree.

Nicholas wasn't too sure about his gift.  He thought it was a dud.  I personally just think he was a little embarrassed because he bought her a fancy ring.

It all turned out in the end.  Both of them were happy!

Jami got them some good stuff too (Build-a-Bear) and they are all eager to get to the mall to build their animals.

We decided to go to church on Christmas Eve this year.  It really does work out best to go to an evening mass on Christmas Eve since we travel on Christmas day to George's parents.  I tortured the boys by making them "dress up" but they were good sports about it.

A sweater and jeans to Nicholas is dressing up.  He rather live in Under Armour sports gear (and he does most days).

No one had to coerce this girl, however, she loves to get dressed up and remembered her fancy necklace (from BFF Isabel for her birthday this year).

I can hardly believe that these are my babies.  To me they seem way too grown up.

After church we headed to my celebrate with my family.  I didn't take my camera (so obviously no pictures) but we had enough food for 1000 people and left stuffed.  It's always a good time hanging out with my family doing a White Elephant exchange.  We also do a $10 gift exchange and I left with some chocolate covered almonds.  Yum!

The moment the children had been waiting for all day, however, was their gift exchange among each other.  They were so excited for the gifts they had picked out for each other and just knew each other would loved what they picked out.

Nicholas got Jack a Nerf gun,  and a football

and he got Ella a Justice purse and a book.

Nicholas received a Penguins Gnome, which will be perfect in his penguins room.   Jack got Nicholas a Toys R Us lego truck (not pictured).

Ella was happy with her Monster's High doll from Jack, 

and he was equally as happy with her pick of a penguin beanie baby.

Mommy and Daddy outfitted everyone with jammies to wear Christmas morning.  Jack had been pining away for Angry Bird slippers so he was a tad excited.

I have to say Jack showed the most enthusiasm for GIVING gifts.  He was just so happy and proud to show everyone what he picked for them.  Daddy got some workout clothes from Jack. 

Nicholas gave him socks,

and a Steelers money counting bank.

Oddly enough Ella picked a piggy bank too (a Penguins Igloo).

I made out like a bandit.  I really loved each and every one of my gifts and the thought my kids put into getting them for me.

Jack got me a blinged out wallet and he was so happy that I loved it.  He knew I would!

Nicholas was very confident in his gift he had bought for me.

I opened it and pretended I loved it!  A black and red box, just what I wanted!  We cracked up.

He actually got me a silver bracelet and it was really me.

Ella also got me a lovely present she was so proud of.

More bling!  Ella got me a Christmas themed charm bracelet.  I am totally blinged out.

She also got me a workout shirt and it's perfect in every way.  I love the color and it's light weight and stylish.

Love. Love. Love.

George and I also opened our gifts to one another, but I'm dedicating a whole post to that.

To say I feel loved and blessed is an understatement.  I wish everyone the type of happiness I felt today.  It wasn't about the presents (although that is nice).  It is about the love that we were able to show for one another and the sheer enthusiasm my children showed for GIVING.  Don't get me wrong, they love receiving as well, but they definitely understand the gift of giving too.

Christmas morning report to come.

To Be Continued.... 


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Sounds like a wonderful time and again our boys have the same shirt. I like grey sweaters too! Merry Christmas!!

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