Sunday, December 2, 2012

November Photostream

Here is the Instagram/Photostram photo dump of the month.  i.e. a way for me to remember every day life in November of 2012.

George forgot his sunglasses and was desperate.  Beggars can't be choosers.

Things started to come along with our house.  We actually got a closing date and will close on our house on the 28th of this month.  Woo hoo!  

George totally surprised me and bought me this Tiffany necklace for completing the New York City Run Anyway Marathon.  

Nicholas' Picasso drawing from school.  I just thought it was cool. 

We had a girls night out and actually got dressed in something other than running clothes. 

I made my friend Tracey's daughter's birthday cake.  I, of course, found a million flaws but the birthday girl loved it and I know that's all that matters. 

Nicholas, Ella and I spent the day together while Jack had school (a VERY rare occasion).  We had a great time and it was warmer outside than it typical is at this time of year so we went miniature golf style. 

My last minute Native American garb. I found out at 9:00 pm that Ella could dress up for her Thanksgiving feast the following day.  Although it was optional, I didn't want her to be the only kid not dressed up.  This took me about 1.5 hours to create and the next day I found out only 3 people dressed up.  

In an effort to save money (as usual) George sized up in Nicholas' hunting pants (he wanted to get multiple years out of them).  He's good for awhile consider they fit ME! 

We traveled to Indy over the Thanksgiving holiday and the kids roughed it playing XBox in the car.  I swear all I had when I was little was a Speak and Spell.  Anyone remember those? 

Our house is moving right along. 

While the boys were out of town hunting, Ella went to the local grocery store to visit Santa and got painted as a Snow Fairy. 

I got back in the water.  So excited!!! 

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If you're following along in the Adventures of the Elf on the Shelf:  Lulu (which I'm updating everyday so it will become a full list of all Lulu's adventures... click the link to see ALL the ideas) then here are her escapades from the past two days.

Lulu got tangled in the garland and lights.  This was a good hiding place too because it took a long time to find her.  

Heading in to Steeler Sunday Lulu painted her face up and grabbed some popcorn, some Steeler's garb and the remote.  She even offered to go in as QB.


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