Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snow Day

Today is the day my kids have been waiting for since we moved to Texas back in 2010.  My kids really loved living in Texas and, if I'm being honest, I think they'd choose to go back, but they really did miss the snow.

As soon as Jack found out it was going to snow he started getting out all his cold weather gear.

When he woke up yesterday morning there was barely a dusting, but he was out on the deck playing anyway.

So when they woke up this morning to about an inch, you would have thought it was a foot.

I broke out the mini sleds I was going to give them for Christmas and they made quick work of breaking them.

Seriously, Jack used his twice before his handle broke.

And Nicholas' broke before he even rode once.

They found ways to have fun otherwise.

I was so cold so I gave up playing in the snow taking pictures quickly, but not before I got several good shots that captured the moment.

Happy as can be.

I hope this winter brings on plenty more of the white powder.  I think we deserve it after suffering through two of the hottest summers on record in Texas (I made that up, but it was REALLY hot).


Kortni said...

I am completely jealous. I miss winter very much and my kids love snow. It looks like everyone had so much fun. I hope you get lots of time to play in snow this winter!

Jennifer Grimm Brereton said...

Glad they had fun! We didn't get that much.

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