Friday, December 7, 2012

Voting Results

If you stopped by and voted for the outfit I should wear to the wedding this weekend then I just wanted to let you know the outcome.  Thanks to everyone who weighed in here and on Facebook.   The OVERWHELMING majority picked outfit number one which was this black number.

I feel like the silver dress got a really bad rap.  I guess you guys REALLY didn't like it (some of you did), but I feel like it was more of the angle the picture was taken than the dress itself.  Maybe you just hated the dress.  I don't know, but here is what caught my eye on Modcloth in the first place.

I hope I'll still have the courage to wear this platinum number in the future even though everyone seemed to have a VERY STRONG opinion against it.  Maybe I need to lose 10 pounds and get a tan.  Maybe!

Thanks for your opinion and I'll be sure to posts pictures of both George's duds and mine.

If you're following along in the Adventures of the Elf on the Shelf:  Lulu (which I'm updating everyday so it will become a full list of all Lulu's adventures... click the link to see ALL the ideas) then here is what she was up to yesterday.

Ella lost her tooth and apparently Lulu ran into the Tooth Fairy.  


Megan Shaffer said...

PERFECT for New Year's Eve, assuming you have a party to go to, which I haven't for a long time! I still love the silver dress!

Zaneta said...
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