Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Jaclyn

Today was my niece's 6th birthday party.  It seems just like yesterday she was a brand new baby, but now she's a beautiful, intelligent, happy little girl.  I feel so happy that Ella and I could make the trip to Indianapolis and share in her special day.  

Jaclyn chose to have a princess birthday and everyone was invited to dress as their favorite princess.  Ella dressed a Rapunzel.  

If you didn't want to dress in a princess dress then it was suggested you wear pink.

Nothing like showing up to the party dressed just like your mom!  Ha!

It was really nice because both my sisters were there too (of course my brother too-- Jaclyn is his daughter).  It's not very often that we're all in the same place at the same time.  It makes me happy.

Jaclyn invited a real live princess to her party.  Belle was there (from Beauty and the Beast) and she did a fantastic job interacting with the kids.  I could never smile and be nice for that long.  

They also had people there to make balloon animals and such for the kids.  Ella chose a tiara.  Lovely no?

Ella just loves spending time with her cousin.  She's already begging me to stay another day.  

This is the reason we moved back from Texas.  Being close to family really does mean everything. I hope Ella and Jaclyn will always be close.


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