Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm a Runner XXI

Susan Tirch
Unemployed, SAHM 
38, Pennsylvania 

I tell people that once you become a runner you'll probably attempt a distance longer than your first race.  Maybe you won't run a marathon, but if you start with a 5k you'll probably say, "hmmm I think I can do a 10k" and so on.  That's how I wound up in this marathon mess. HA!

I've watched the Biggest Loser since the 2nd season and seeing the contestants running a marathon has always been a great source of inspiration.  If someone can go from obese to running a marathon (some of them still obese during the marathon) then surely I can run one... and I did.

I ran about 35 miles a week during the height of marathon training.  I chose a plan that allowed me to run just 3 days a week and I do believe that it works for me.  I think I would hate running if my plan called for 50 miles a week.

When you hit the wall during a marathon (and inevitably you will) you have to have something to gravitate towards.  You have to have something pre-planned you can pull from and help you to dig deep.  To be honest, I often think about all of you-- my readers.  I never want to disappoint anyone, but ultimately, I remind myself that I don't want to give up on ME!

I'm so proud of myself because I feel like I'm a determined person.  I may not be the fastest, nor the strongest, but I'm determined and it carries me through.

I few years ago I had an injury and I learned a lot, but the biggest thing I learned is that injuries are part of being an "athlete".  They're going to happen and you have to learn to deal with them.

Overcoming a bad habit is hard.  So don't expect a lifetime of bad habits to be easy to break.  Creating a healthy lifestyle isn't easy.  There's not magic pill and there's no easy way out.  So take baby steps and

For me, the motivation to run comes from my motivation to want to be a better runner.  That and wanting to be with my friends.  I love running with my friends, so often times it not hard to find motivation to go out and meet them for a run. *hint hint run with friends! 

Before runs, I usually eat a cliff bar and drink a Diet Coke.  I know that is crazy, but it's true.  On long, long runs I'll drink a Gatorade Pre-fuel with my bar.  I have, however, been Diet Coke free for 13 days and I'm very proud of that.  I'm kicking an old habit!  Yay me!

I use Gu during my races.  Gu chocolate outrage.  I've done it this way for probably two years and I'm not changing now.  I will say, the first time I tried Gu I gagged and literally almost threw up.  It was vanilla flavor.  I guess you have to find one you like.  Ha!

When I feel defeated about my weight, I remind myself that my ultimate goal in life is to lead a healthy lifestyle OVERALL and to inspire my kids to lead an active lifestyle.  I'd be fat 100 times over if it meant I could guarantee a healthy lifestyle instilled into my children.

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