Monday, January 28, 2013

January Photostream

Time for my monthly photo dump.  Most of these photos I have shared on Instagram (follow me:  MomSwimBikeRun).  Just my day to day stuff that makes me smiles. 

Jack discovered a pair of ski goggles while I was unpacking and wore them around the house all day.  He specifically told me not to share this picture, so don't tell him.  

I gave up Diet Coke.  There's my big glass of water.  I'm 27 days Diet Coke free!!!! Woot!  Guess what?  I miss it!  There I said it!

We moved into our new house!!! 

This is what my kitchen looked like on day 2 after the move in.

I discovered I have excessive tendencies when I saw my decorative napkin drawerS!  Oh my.  

My kitchen day 3.

I discovered my excessive tendencies do not just apply to napkins!

Nicholas room.   We are so excited hockey is back in this household!  

Bear (aka Jack) got a hockey injury playing in the basement and allowed me to hold ice to his lip.  I soaked in the snuggles.

I did this all by myself!!!  I impress myself sometimes.

My closet is too full and not really user friendly.  It will do for now.

Late night White Castle run while in Indy.  Sexy no?

The boys (ok and Ella) are sooooo excited to have a space to play knee hockey again.  I swear they do nothing else.  Poor George,  I don't think his knees can take much more.

I really wanted a turquoise hall table.  I saw one on a blog I read and immediately fell in love.  Low and behold, I was shopping and just happen to find one (and for cheap).  Yay!  I love it.

We got plenty of snow to go sledding.  The kids had a blast.

Jack started his "Learn to Play" hockey program.  He's a natural.

I tried to "bump" my ponytail.  It's the little things in life that make me happy.  haha

An exciting January wasn't it?  Especially that ponytail!

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