Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Butt Might Really be Broken

So I went to the doctor today to finally see what's the matter with my crazy leg/butt/hip problem.  I walked in there really not knowing what to expect.  I should mention this is the doctor I went to when I fractured my shoulder, so I trust him implicitly.  I know he's an awesome doctor and I highly respect his opinion.

Ok so I go into the room and we reminisce about my shoulder injury.  The last time he saw me he sent me off to a new doctor in Texas, just days after the removal of my pins and long before I started physical therapy.  When he left me, I couldn't move my arm more than an inch.

Post op pin removal (looking goooood!)

Needless to say, he was VERY pleased with my outcome.  I'd say my shoulder is about 95%.  I mean look!

But anyway, that's not the point of all this.  He did an exam and took some X-rays, but he and the Physician Assistant (before I saw the doc) both suspected it was an injury with my pelvis.  He seems to think I have a pelvis stress fracture (think low pelvis... what you'd call your butt bone).  It entirely possible that I do not have a stress fracture, but he's sending me to have an MRI to know for sure (my appointment is next Wednesday).

If it is a stress fracture then we'll deal with that accordingly.  If it is NOT a stress fracture, then I will be going to therapy to get better.  The things that scare me are:  my butt bone (i.e pelvis) now hurts while at rest, even with 3.5 weeks of no activity my injury hasn't felt the least bit better, and pressing on the bone is extremely painful.

Now it's probably NOT a stress fracture because that would be worse case scenario and seriously how does this even happen?  I'm not going to question him, however, and am taking his advice to exclude all physical activity until after the results of the MRI.

Who am I to question him?  I didn't before and he didn't let me down.


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