Monday, January 7, 2013

The Family that Planks Together Stays Together

Thanks to everyone who entered the Mom Swim Bike Run Plank Challenge.  There is still plenty of time to enter if you haven't already.  All the details are on this post.  It's so very exciting to see everyone sharing their pictures and all the varying times.  I'm still hoping to get a lot more entries, so hop to it everyone and get those plank pictures posted.

Anyway, I didn't plan to devote a whole other post to the plank challenge today, but I couldn't help but share this.  When I was doing my daily plank today (2:32 by the way), my kids couldn't help but want to get in on the action.  Jack was doing it WHILE I was doing it and I heard him say 39 and then done.  I laughed to myself thinking there was no way.  He wasn't in my line of view so I had no idea.

So after I was finished I asked Nicholas to do it and told him I was going to take his picture and everything.  Part of me thought he would be VERY good at this, but the other part of me had no idea what a child could do.  When it got obvious that he wasn't going to drop in 10 seconds, I challenged him to hold it a minute.  A minute went by.  Now I challenged him to go longer than Daddy (1:18*).  Everyone was in the living room cheering him on.   At this point George even came in and was totally impressed by what was going on.  He told him, "Beat Mama." Despite how rude that was (and it was RUDE!) I secretly wanted him to beat me.  How awesome would it be to beat your mom?  So he makes it to 2:00 minutes.   "30 more seconds," I tell him.  He's starting to shake, but then rolls right on by my time.  George tells him to try for 3:00.  He says, "Yeah that's what I'm going for."  That little bugger planked for 3:12.2.  I was so proud of him and I think he was pretty proud of himself.

Ella has been sitting watching the whole time and when Nicholas is finished she asked if she could try. George said under his breath to me, "Sure, this will be 20 seconds."  So she gets up there and she looks like a natural.  Her first goal was to beat Daddy.  She did.  Next up beat Mommy.  She did.  Now she wanted to beat Nicholas.  She did!  I was trying to get her to hold it until 3:45 (I like round numbers) but she dropped at 3:27.2.  I can't even believe that she could plank for that long.  Kids amaze me.  So, so proud of her!

Next up was Jack.  I really wanted him to do well (and he had "practiced" earlier in the day and earlier with me.  Remember the 39 seconds?)  So I hoped he had at least 39 seconds in him.  He's not stupid.  He'd know if he hadn't done well.  Before I knew it he had made it to the minute mark.  Ella and Nicholas are cheering for him to beat Daddy.  He didn't look like he was going to make it and he started to whimper.  He did make it though (and then some) and dropped at 1:22.1.  How awesome is Jack?

Once again, my kids amaze me and inspire me to do better.  I encourage everyone to try this out with your kids. Maybe you could make a little contest among your family.  I personally am not a super competitive person, but my children have the competitive spirit of their father.  Nicholas already said he wanted to practice again.  I told him he had to wait until tomorrow.   The family that planks together stays together.

*George's plank time today was 2:28.  Hmph!  I mean yay!  


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