Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Austin Trip Day One and Day Two

So Ella and I set off on Thursday morning for our great Austin adventure.   If you can remember, it was Valentine's Day and Ella was all decked out in her Valentine's Day gear.  

Ella was so excited the whole day to see her BFF Isabel.  She and Isabel have kept up a really great relationship since we left Austin.  They Facetime every week and have written each other cards/letters.  Ella definitely considers Isabel her best friend.  Actually to say she was excited is a huge understatement.  At times I thought she would burst from excitement.

She kept asking me all day while we were at the airport or in the plane what time it was and "how many minutes" were left.

When we finally landed in Austin she couldn't even sit still waiting to get off the plane.  She was minutes away from seeing her friend.  The reunion was all I thought it would be in my mind.  They hugged and kissed each other and picked up right where they left off.  They didn't miss a beat.

Shortly after Bianca picked up up we went out to Valentine's Day dinner with her family.  It was the start of what would become a weekend full of eating.  I swear I can't wear pants without elastic right now.  It's bad, like really, really bad!

The girls spent the rest of the weekend being "twins".  They even planned it so Ella could bring her jammies that were the same as Isabel's and their American girl doll jammies that matched.   They made Bianca and I do their hair alike and dress alike.  It doesn't occur to them that they don't LOOK alike.  hahaha

Friday morning we woke up and took the girls by their old preschool to see their teachers.  It was so cute seeing them interact with them (Hi Ms Karen and Ms JJ).  They felt like such big girls going back to see the preschoolers.

After that we headed down to the airport to pick up Tracey (she flew in a day later obviously).  It didn't take long for us to stop at another favorite place of mine for lunch (Elevation Burger) and then we headed back to Bianca's house to relax a bit before dinner.

Dinner?  Did someone say dinner?  Of course their would be more food.  We headed to one of my all time favorite place to eat EVER.  The Salt Lick.  This is BY FAR the best BBQ I've ever had.  What made this particular evening even better, however, was seeing our good friends Jennifer and Baby Kysa.  Ella and I just love Kysa to death.

I met Kysa (and Jennifer for that matter) when Kysa was literally weeks old.  I fell in love with her from the very beginning and I miss her terribly.  Thankful, Kysa came right to me and let me hold, love and kiss her.  Is she not the cutest thing ever?  Yeah, that's what I thought.

So far into the trip, I've gained about 4 pounds (about 24 hours in).  More pounds and stories coming up tomorrow.  I got up at 3:50 this morning for my flight and I'm exhausted!  


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