Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Austin Trip Day Three

We woke up on Saturday morning with the plan that the girls would go to a dance clinic at the local high school.  They have attended these clinics and the past and really enjoy them.  The high school dance team spends the day teaching them a routine and they perform it for the parents at the end.  It's a lot of fun for the girls and I'm glad it was going on while we were there. 

Again, the girls wanted to be "twins".  

After we dropped the girls off we headed out to breakfast.  I had plans to meet my friend Joelle.  Joelle is not a runner, but she still joined us for a pre packet pick up breakfast.  Julie was supposed to come, but a furniture delivery preempted her breakfast.

It was so nice to see Joelle.  Although we are a lot different, the core of each of us is the same and she is a friend I know I will have in my life forever.  She was my first friend in Texas and she supported me through a lot of difficult times adjusting in Texas.  Basically, I love her and I'm glad we got to spend time, albeit brief, together.  

After breakfast Bianca, Karla, Tracey and I head to the race expo to pick up our packets.  Yes I had a packet.  Before I got injured (or knew I was actually injured) I registered for this race.  I figured I might as well pick up my t-shirt.  I paid for it and I knew it would be a nice Nike t-shirt as the Austin Marathon always gives out Nike shirts (and they're nice).  

The Austin Marathon is one of the most organized races I've ever been involved with and the expo is no exception.  All the booths are easily accessible and if you only want to get your packet and go, that's easy too.
The Marathoners and Me

The Army was their representing their new marathon and we had to take our pictures with their big tanks.

After the expo we headed back to watch the girls in their little dance show.  

As always, the dance clinic was a big hit and the girls had a great time spending the day together.  As an added bonus, Ella had several other friends at the clinic too.  It was a nice little reunion.

Before we knew it, it was time to head out for dinner.  I had planned a big dinner for ALL of the runners and their families.  As it turned out some runners couldn't come and some runners became injured and weren't running (Valerie, Julie and I).  Either way, there was no sense not still heading to dinner and carb loading.  

All of my favorite running girls were there and it made me happy to have so many of the girls in one place.

Back Row:  Me, Val (half injured), Julie (half injured), Kelly (half)
Front Row:  Tracey (full), Bianca (full), Karla (full)

We had a fun night eating and enjoying each others company.  The food was good and we took a leisurely approach to eating.

By the time it was all said and one 2.5 hours had passed.

Thursday was Valerie's birthday so we I decided to embarrass her and have them sing her happy birthday.  

Really you shouldn't have!

I know it was you who did this to me, Susan!

Fine, I'll make a wish, but it's only that you'll go back to Pittsburgh.

Nope you're still here.  Fine, I'll be happy!

Yeah and that sundae, she didn't even eat any off it.  She had given up sweets for lent.  Sorry about her luck because I killed half that thing myself I swear.  So good.

And with that, I was effectively carb loaded and ready to spectate in the morning.

To be continued...


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