Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Don't Put off Until Tomorrow What You Can do Today

I've decided not to host a February challenge.  I hope you're not mad.  I think it would just be hard to motivate people to do XYZ challenge if I can't even do it myself.  I could have chosen some sort of ab challenge, but we just did that.  So you're on your own for February, but I promise to resume monthly workout challenges (similar to the plank challenge) when I'm well and can be your... fearless leader eh person that sets up the challenge.

I was in the shower the other day (I took one today too, but these thoughts came from the other day) and I was thinking about my eating habits and how easy it is for things to spiral out of control.  I think I've been struggling since about Thanksgiving to get back on track.

Anyway, my mind started thinking about putting off until tomorrow what you can do today.  To be honest, there is never a perfect time to start eating right.  There is never a perfect time to start exercising.  because, I guarantee if you look, there will always be a reason NOT to start today.

For instance for me my bad food choices, and rationalization looked something this:

It's Thanksgiving
Christmas is only a few weeks away
New Years Eve-- bring on the food and the booze
Oh well, New Years Day I've got to eat my lucky pork and sauerkraut
I'll meet this friend for lunch
Going out of town for a birthday party (Traveling always = eating bad)
I'll meet that friend for lunch
Girl's Night Out
It's the weekend
Super Bowl Party
Some one baked me cookies
I'm meeting my friend for breakfast

This is REAL life for me and I'm sure it could be real life for you as well.  There will always be a reason to wait until tomorrow.  There will always be an excuse to wait until next Monday or next month.

The point is, you can't wait for the right time.  The right time is RIGHT NOW.  There's no sense waiting for the perfect opportunity to start your journey.  A better you isn't created because it's a Monday or January 1st.  A better you happens because you decide you want it and you FINALLY decide you're worth it.

Stop waiting for the perfect opportunity.   Stop looking for the excuse to sabotage yourself.  Make one good choice starting TODAY and then make another tomorrow, and so on, and so on, and so on.  The occasions will come and go and you'll be glad you didn't wait for them to pass to finally become a better you.

Psssst if you start right now, you'll look better for those occasions that are coming up this summer.  You know the ones where you're in a bikini!


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