Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Minute to Win it Valentine Party

Today was Nicholas' Valentine's day party at school and yours truly was the mom in charge of planning.  Nicholas is in fourth grade, which I think is a tricky age for planning parties.  Gone are the days of pin the heart on cupid, or conversation heart bingo, these kids need something more entertaining.

I came up with the idea to do a minute to win it party based off of the show with the same name.  I did a quick google search and came up with a bunch of cute ideas adapted from the game for Valentine's day.  In case anyone doesn't know, Minute to Win It is a game show that has contestants doing crazy stunts, games or challenges if you will in just one minute time.  The object is to do the most you can, or get the furthest (whatever), you can in a minute.  That's the simple description (the best I could come up with without doing another google search).

I thought the minute to win it concept would be fun for fourth graders and the party was a hit.

First we made "Love googles" but that had nothing to do with minute to win it.  It was just a really cute idea, which you can see here.  The kids enjoyed making them and they looked adorable in them.

Next we got down to the minute to win it party.  The kids were all given a "handful" of conversation starts.  They were given 1 minute to see how many they could stack without it tipping over.  If your stack tipped, you were required to start all over again.

Next up (not pictured) the kids had straws and they put them in their mouths.  They had to suck the conversation hearts up with their straws and move them from their plate to the desk and make a shape of a heart.  This was really hard for the kids, but they liked the challenge.   The second round we had them make a smiley face and that was a LOT easier.

The next challenge was the most fun for the kids.  It's called Cookie Face.  You put a cookie on your forehead and lock your hands behind your back.  Using nothing but your face (wiggling your nose, raising your brow) you try to move the cookie from your forehead to your mouth (without dropping it on the floor).  This was a real challenge, but some of the kids were actually able to do it.  A lot of oreos were lost to the floor in this game (that's so not right).

The last game we played was a marshmallow toss.  The kids partnered up and stood about 6 feet apart. One partner had a cup and the other a handful of marshmallows.  The object was to see how many marshmallows each team could collect in their cup in just one minutes' time.  It's really hard to toss a lightweight marshmallow.  Try it, it's not as easy as it looks.

We had one more game to play too, but we ran out of time.  It was called Cupid's arrow.  The kids stood behind a line and had to shoot Cupid's arrow past another designated line (about 5 feet away).  The bow was a straw in your mouth and the arrow was a q-tip.  So they were to blow the arrow across the line.  This too is not as easy as it looks (try it).  The person who gets the most arrows across the line wins.  I wish we could have had time for that one, it seemed fun.

We played each game twice and the party lasted about an hour.  We only had about 5 minutes left for snack. This was a fun party.  I like that it was focused on fun and activity and not on a bunch of crafts that no one wants or not focused too much around the snack (we're not even allowed to serve much fun stuff due to all the rules).

All in all, this was a successful, minute to win it party.

Have you ever had a minute to win it party?  What games did you play?  Would you try this kind of party with your kids/friends/family?  


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