Thursday, March 21, 2013

February Photostream

I realized I never shared February's photostream.  It might seem boring to you (I'm sorry, I'm not sorry), but these memories are important to me because they're usually reflections of every day life.  I've not been doing a great job documenting the every day on here lately.  Anyway, here's February at a glance (in no particular order).

Nicholas' Valentine's box.

I had my first "get together" at my house and hosted brunch for my family. My sis and I took a selfie.  

I go the results of my MRI (strained hammie)

Ella started a weekly art class that she absolutely loves.

Jack date:  Yogurt. 

My beautiful ballerina.

Jack made Valentines

So did I

Jack Date:  Subway

BFF Bianca (<3 her) and I got to spend some time together.

Nicholas pouted (and sent me pictures of it).  Ha!

Ella got to do a pre-flight check with the pilot on the way home from Austin.

A boring February.  No wonder I forgot.  You wish I'd never remembered don't you?  I understand.

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