Friday, March 29, 2013

I Can't Believe he Doesn't Believe

The kids are on Spring Break so we went to see The Croods today and then came home and dyed our Easter eggs.  

Did you know I'm an Easter scrooge?  I hate the Easter Bunny and think the whole concept is stupid.  Whatever.  I'll participate anyway.  Well, I'll supervise anyway.

I'm even more scroogish this year because Nicholas admitted last night to not believing in Santa or the Easter Bunny.  He said he's known for a "long time" and was afraid to say anything.  I think he was afraid because he was afraid NOT to believe.  Regardless, the jig is up.  I've talked to him about putting on a good face for the little ones.

I know it was time for him to find out, but it still makes me sad.  He's my little boy.  I remember not long ago when he was covered in plastic head to toe to decorate eggs when he was too little to even understand what was going on.  *sigh*

At least I have two more who believe and are pretty enthusiastic to boot.  

I really shouldn't be a Scrooge at all because the day will come, and all too soon, when my kids don't want to dye Easter Eggs at all.  I picture myself sitting at the table alone doing the eggs and George rolling his eyes in the living room asking what the hell I'm doing.

So I'll hide the eggs and I'll hide the baskets and I'll hold on to my two kids who still believe as long as I can.


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