Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm a Runner XXIII

Susan Tirch
Co-Parent, Tirch Family  
38, Pennsylvania 

When I worked full time I swear I wasted so much time doing nothing when I wasn't working.  I thought I was so busy, but looking back at that time I realize I could have dedicated so much time to running.  It seems like such a waste.

I grew up having eyes only for being a "pretty girl" or a cheerleader.  I never looked at the kids playing sports (even though my older sister was an awesome athlete when I was a small child) and thought it was something I could/should do.

I ran pretty well when I was in gym class all through school.  I wasn't the best, but I was always the top 3 to 5 girls to finish whatever race it was.  I don't know why I didn't see my own potential.

No one famous is my running hero.  My heros are the women around me that balance work/life/motherhood and still kick butt running marathons.  Ok, ok Kara Goucher is pretty badass too.

I've never encountered a dog while running as you'd likely expect.  I did once come up on a ground hog and it scared the absolutely crap out of me.  At least adrenaline kicked in a little.

My kids definitely take an interest in running.  They're aware of what it takes to run a marathon (they've witnessed the training) and they've run some races themselves.  Even if they're not runners, I hope that they'll model my healthy habits in adulthood.

When I can't run (um now) I really miss it.  It's kind of one of those "don't know what you go 'til it's gone" kind of things.  Of course when I'm missing running I'm picturing all those great/perfect runs and don't remember all the horrible runs I've had.

Once I'm able to start running again, I hope to be able to hop back into training and HOPEFULLY (fingers crossed) be able to do a half ironman in September.

I'm not really a running alone type of gal.  I do it and I do enjoy it from time to time, but I'd always choose running with a friend over running alone any day of the week.

My running time is definitely ME time.  I don't generally take my kids with me (now that they're older and aren't in strollers) and I don't focus on them while I'm gone.  My husband makes it easy for me and never complains about me going for my runs.

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