Monday, March 11, 2013

Jump Start on Health

I've been in somewhat of a funk since I've been unable to workout.  I feel "fat" because I can't get in a calorie burn.  I have just recently realized, however, that it's not a feeling, it's a fact.  I've gained about 5 to 7 pounds since my lowest weight this summer and it doesn't make my jeans feel good.

I promised myself I wouldn't do anything drastic, but I realized today that I've given myself far too many liberties and it's time that I got my eating under control.  I want to be healthy above everything else.  I don't just want to be skinny.  I want to know that I'm fueling my body properly and giving my body what it needs to function optimally.

I don't want to label what I'm doing with anything.  I don't want to call it Paleo or "clean eating".  I just want to call it healthy eating.

Let's define "it".  I'm restricting A LOT of things from my diet.  I'm not doing any dairy, refined sugar or wheat grains.  The only grains I'm allowing myself are oats and brown rice.  I'm sure there are other acceptable grains, but this is all I'm doing for now.  I'm not cutting sugar out entirely, but I'm really being conscious and eating the minimum amount possible.

Lunch:  Organic Spring mix, Chicken Breast, Grape Tomatoes,
Broccoli,  No Salt Sunflower Seeds, Light Vinaigrette 
So call it what you want, call it Paleo, call it clean eating, call it a cleanse, or call it crazy.  I call it a jump start on my health.  I'm going to be VERY strict for 2 weeks.  If I feel like I can do it longer, then I will go for a full month.  I think it's important to really "detox" off of all the bad things I'm been puttig into my body.  I VERY EXCITED to see how my body reacts to eliminating sugar, dairy and grains.

Snack:  Delicious Snack of Justin's Almond Butter on a Banana 
This is an experiment for me.  I've never been this strict with my diet in the past, but I've read SO MUCH on eating this way and I'm interested to see what kind of effects it will have on my body.  I hope that you'll follow along, or maybe you'll join me.

Dinner:  Roasted Spaghetti Squash, Turkey Meatballs (made with oats), Salad and Water 

I know some of you will think this is a fad or a diet, but it truly is NOT!  This is simply clean and healthy eating.   There's no harm and trying and I definitely know this will be hard for me.  If you know me, you know I like food (and most of the stuff that's not good for you).  You would also know then that I am a very determined person.  I'm determined to give this a go and I'm excited to report back all the results to you.

I hope you'll join or at least follow along/encourage me on this adventure!

If you're interested to know what I'm eating follow me on Instagram (momswimbikerun) or on Facebook (momswimbikerun with no spaces) where I'll be posted pics of most/all of my eats.  

P.S.  This is just a sample of what I ate today, for a full diary of my eats follow me on (momswimbikerun) 


Amanda M said...

I love how you continue to challenge yourself. You inspire ME! Keep it up Susan

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