Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kinder Preview

Friday was Kinder preview for Jack.  It's a time where the incoming Kindergartners get to come in and visit the school and they also get to ride a bus.  I guess it's a good way to kind of ease the kids into things and get them familiar with the building.  Jack will go back in a few weeks to do an assessment.  I guess I better teach him how to read and write by then.  Ha!

When we arrived at school they separated us into groups and our group was the first that got to ride the bus.  Of course, this is what Jack had been looking forward to the most, so he wasn't disappointed.

Funny these seats are nowhere near as big as I remembered!

They were just fine for Jack!  

He's excited for his next opportunity to ride the bus starting this fall.

Next up they made bags for their scavenger hunt.

Jack was so shy the whole time.  He never said a word, but he wasn't one of the kids crying in the corner.  He's just very unsure of new environments.  By the second day of school, I'm sure he'll be settled right in.

On the scavenger hunt they went to all the main parts of the building like the office, computer lab, and nurses office where they collected little trinkets.

Jack was quite proud of himself at the end.

Last, they went to the library where the librarian asked each individual child if they had siblings.  It was amazing to the children when she was able to "guess" their older siblings names.

Here they listened to a story and some children were better than others.  I swear the librarian said the one brat's kid's name 20 times.  I would have yanked my kid off that carpet pretty quick, but that's probably why he is the way he is anyway-- because his parents are idiots.  I seriously have no tolerance for misbehaved children and their parents.  I realize it's not the child's fault.  Doesn't mean I have to like them.  Sorry rant over.

 Anyway, my kid was an angel!  I'm sure you expected no less.  Ha!

So I'd say it was a VERY successful trip to preview Kindergarten.  Jack is definitely excited to go.  I'm just not so sure I'm ready because that's one step closer to growing up.  The good thing it's only half day so really I can hold on for one more year.  


Courtney Tobin said...

Totally cracked up at the brat library part. OMG-->same thing happened to us at story time this week. The mom musta said (while smiling, mind you), Shelby, SHHHH a million times. I mean, good grief lady, you're louder than your annoying daughter!!! AND, her daughter was SIX!!!! old enough to freaking know better. I wanted to yank some hair too. Moments like that you just smile to yourself and thank GOD you have the kids you have and that you nipped that mess in the bud years ago! TOO funny. Love how they do the practice day of kinder. I homeschool so I miss all that fun.

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