Sunday, March 24, 2013

Outside Comeback Run

My legs have been feeling so much better, dare I say good even.  Then I worked 10 hours (on my feet) on Friday and my legs were back to being sore again.  I really think the soreness in my legs is directly related to the food I'm putting into my body.  I know that may seem nuts, but I'm experimenting with things and I hope to figure things out.  

Regardless of the dumb leg soreness, I decided I'd go for a SMALL run with Tracey this morning.  She was running 8 miles.  She started from her house (about three miles away) and I decided to run one mile out to her turn around point and the one mile back.  Two miles!  

I was actually nervous.  Like, couldn't-sleep-because-I'm-running-a-big-race tomorrow nervous.  I was up every two hours fretting about whether or not I had missed my alarm.  I really WANTED to run, I swear.  I just didn't want to be in pain or be pathetically slow (spoiler alert:  both happened).   

Tracey said she'd be to my house at 7:30 am.  I walked out my front door at 7:28 and walked to the road.  Just as I crested the hill leaving my development, I saw Tracey speeding down the hill.  

It was 26 degrees this morning and it was cold so we got right to it.  No sense in standing around and chit chatting.  I had so many obstacles going into this run.  First, my dumb sore legs.  Second, my cold I've been battling for almost 3 weeks (all that's left is that stupid cough) and third, my lack of cardio endurance.   

I can't choose which one was hindering me the most.  My legs felt mostly good except for the hills.  Even the slightest incline and I feel it in my legs.  I wish I could explain the pain.  It's not pain like injury pain.  It's just muscle soreness.  It's like running on legs where you did 100 squats the day before.  Anyway, it's not fun.  I'd hope I wouldn't have any pain, but I was wrong. 

I was also coughing the entire run and I felt like my lungs were on fire.  I know this is a combination of my crappy cardio and the funky virus in my lungs.  

Before I knew it though, we were at the turn around point.  One VERY slow mile was done.  

Mile 1:  11:31  
Why is my face so large? 

Tracey is accustomed to running 8:00 miles and here she is running along with me.  I can't say enough about her and for her showing me support.  It means a lot that she would run along with me at a painfully slow pace just to support me.  Thanks Trace!

Anyway, on the way back home I was so discouraged mentally.  Once a marathoner and now 1 mile was hard.  It was hard physically and hard to accept emotionally.  I tried not to look at my Garmin, but I did glance and knew I was running that dreaded 11:00 plus pace.  I can tell you however, I was trying as hard as I could.


When we got back to my house my Garmin said 1.72 miles so I decided to keep going to hit the 2 mile mark.  Of course it was UP HILL.  UGH!  I think there were points I was barely moving.  Nevertheless, my Garmin eventually beeped the sweet sound of another mile passed and I hit my 2 mile goal.

Mile 2:  12:06 *insert sad face*

I bid farewell to Tracey and headed back home, walking the .28 miles as a cool down and feeling so discouraged.

I've comeback from an injury before, and I know that it's a long road to recovery.  I know that I have to take one day at a time and listen carefully to my body.  It's just so hard to accept that my body is unable to do what my mind wants it to do.  I know time and patience are my best friends right now.

Total: 2.01 
Time:  23:50:27 
Average:  11:50 whomp whomp 

Well guys, all I can say is I'm trying.  I hope you'll follow along as I claw my way back.


Kortni said...

Sorry it was so crappy! I am sure that the cold temps aggravated your cough. If you can't breathe, everything is such a battle. Hopefully warm weather is coming and your next outdoor run will be much better!

Roxanne Hyatt said...

As a fellow triathlete, mom, and once injured athlete... I'll follow along and watch you succeed. Good luck @tribalancegirl.blogspot

Ima Mosier said...

You will make it back.

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