Monday, March 4, 2013

Private Wine Dinner

My friend Jami (the one I lived with while our house was being built) invited George and I over to join her and her other friends for a private wine dinner by The Epicure's Palate.  All photos are via my iPhone and do NOT do any of this food justice.  Trust me!!!  

I was running late to the dinner, so by the time I got there I was a little flustered and immediately sipped down 2 glasses of wine BEFORE dinner started.  Oops.  

We started off with a Japesne Pumpkin Risotto paired with a Shannon Ridge Chardonnay.  I loved this Chrardonnay.  It was like nothing else I have ever tasted.  It was almost buttery and went down very smooth.  Too Smooth!  

The risotto was amazing.  It was creamy and perfect.  Amazing!  

Course two was a Shrimp Macedoine Napoleon with Orange Lime Reduction.  Um apparently he didn't get the memo that I'm allergic to shrimp.  Jami politely reminded him that I was allergic and he substituted eggplant for the shrimp and I can not even tell you how good this was.  It was probably in the top 10 in "best items I've ever eaten".  

This course was coupled with a Sauvignon Blanc Touraine.  The wine coupled with the dish beautifully and the wine went down easily.  By this time I was 4 glasses of wine into this dinner and things were loosening up at the table.  

The next dish was Moroccan Chicken Paillard with roasted eggplant.  The dish was good, but for whatever reason the $11 bottle of wine was the winner of this course.  I generally don't like Zinfandel, but the Cardinal Zin was fruity and good.  Apparently it has a higher than normal alcohol content.  Oh good, I had 2 glasses.

By this time I started getting really full (and tipsy).  The fourth course was a Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic Strawberries and Yucca Croquette.  I thought it was really good, but the others thought this was one of the best courses.  It couldn't top the substitute shrimp dish for me.

The wine was a Chateau Cambis, Cotes Du Rhone Villages and it was officially the first red wine I've actually ever enjoyed.  It went perfectly with the dish too.  Imagine that!

The 5th course was a Beef Wellington which was honestly underwhelming.   It looked great though.  Points there.

I think at this point I was more interested in the wine anyway.  Ha! This course was served with a Misterio Malbec and again I actually enjoyed a RED!

The final course was a whipped mascarpone with blackberries.  In my opinion, desserts should have chocolate, but the pairing was probably my favorite drink of the night.  It was a Bosco Del Crimioli, Moscato Vino Spumante.  It's kind of like a champagne.  It was the perfect mix of sparkling and sweet. I LOVED IT!!!

By the end I was so full and so completely over served, but I enjoyed every minute of it.


Kortni said...

You sound so official and French! I cannot believe you texted me during all this fun...crazy awesome friend!

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