Thursday, March 28, 2013

Random Musings on a Thursday

Oh my gosh you guys my body hates me.  After my CrossFit workout on Monday (yes Monday and it is now Thursday) I can barely move.  My abs hurt so bad.  Coughing and laughing are now forms of torture (and yes I still have my stupid cough).  My shoulders are incredibly painful too.  Drying my hair is just unnecessary right?  My right shoulder (not the one I broke) actually feels like my left shoulder did when I was doing PT back in the day.  Also my quads.  Oh me, oh my... why must I bend down to pick up anything?  At this point I'm walking around like an 80 year old woman.

I guess that's what happens when you take almost 12 weeks off from CrossFit and hop right back in like you're some sort of badass.  The thing is, you can't EASE into CrossFit.  You just have to do.  I guess maybe I shouldn't have gone so "hard" but I couldn't help myself.  I wanted to be there so badly and give it everything I had.  What's a little muscle soreness anyway?  Pfft.  I got this... ouch I just had to lift my arm to scratch my head!!!

So I've been thinking a lot lately about how I think my time off has affected my thoughts about working out.  Some people have asked me if I've found something else to devote my time to and if anything in me has changed.

Here are my thoughts (bullet style):

  • My hiatus came a a perfect time.  I was able to focus on putting my house together.  I think my house was almost fully unpacked and settled (for the most part) in under 3 weeks 
  • I am not superwoman and I shouldn't try to be.  I was so caught up in working out almost every day and not just little workouts, but intense CrossFit sessions and long runs while training for the marathon.  OTHER people may be able to do this, but MY body isn't built for it.  
  • Rest days are your friend (see above).  I PROMISE myself that I will take 2 rest days per week when I get back into the full swing of things
  • I love working out and feeling fit.  Even though I know my body needs a break and needs to be treated differently right now, there is nothing I would like more than to be able to train how I want to be training.  
  • Working out is a BIG part of who I am now.  Without it, I feel a little lost and I think that's ok.  
  • Eating is a lot more fun when you can eat back those exercise calories.  Without exercise there are no cookies :( 
  • Workout clothes double as normal clothes.  No one has noticed/ask why I'm wearing yoga pants/capris, SweatyBands or Under Armour despite my inability to workout
  • I love CrossFit.  It's what I miss the most being sidelined.  I love running too, but I don't MISS it. Does that make sense?  
  • Life's lessons are a mystery and I'm sure there's something to be learned form all of this.  
While my journey to cure my legs is definitely NOT over, I am working on things.  I mentioned it briefly before, but I'm convinced that what I'm putting into my body is directly affecting the pain in my legs.  When I went on my "crazy" cleanse and was eating 100% clean, my legs stopped hurting.  As in they didn't hurt.  AT.ALL.  As I added the food back in my legs started hurting again.  

I'm currently on a no wheat trial to see its effect on me.  I've been wheat free since Monday.   The problem is, I can't appropriately evaluate the pain in my legs due to my CrossFit session.  I'm hoping when my muscle soreness from the workout clears, I'll be able to tell what's going on otherwise.  

So yeah, I'm still a mess over here, but life is what it is.  I'm keeping a positive attitude (I think).  I'm trying to do what little I can when I can and NOT obsess about the rest.  

My kiddos are on Spring Break and I plan to spend as much time with them hanging out and doing fun stuff.  I might be a little more AWOL, but don't worry I'll be back to catch you all up.  

And since all blog posts need pics here's a throwback Thursday Easter style.  






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