Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Who Needs Limbs

So I ran into my CrossFit coach when I was at work last Friday and I told her that this week would mark my comeback to CrossFit.  The only thing is, I looked at my scheduled and realized I had something to do everything morning this week and wouldn't make it.

Then Tracey asked me if I wanted to go in the evening to the new CrossFit box that just opened up by my house.  Her friend is the owner.  The first class is free so I figured why not.

I was a little scared so I texted my friend who I know always goes to the 5:30 am class.  She texted me the WOD and it didn't seem so bad.  She forgot to mention there was two parts and she only sent me part 2.  So yeah when I said it wasn't that bad, um yeah... it was.

The skill was the snatch and I practiced with a 35 pound bar.  I could definitely go up in weight, but my form is not perfect.  I need to work on it for sure.  I started putting too much thought into it and everything fell apart at that point.  Ok so far so good.  I didn't die.

Next up was WOD 1 (the part my friend left out).  This is not little WOD so I'm not sure why she thought isn't wasn't important enough to share.  Maybe she didn't want to scare me off.  Ha!

Anyway, it went like this.  2 rounds 90 seconds each with 30 seconds rest in between.

Row for calories:  Round 1/Round2 18/15
Box Jump 20 inch:  20/18
Ab Mat Sit ups:  40/35

You had to take the lower of your two rounds as your score.  The higher the score the better.  I scored just 68, but for my first day back, I'll take it.

I kept wanting to go much harder, but I was breathing so hard.  Even though my mind wanted to give it a better effort my damn lung wouldn't let me.  I'd have been happy if we stopped right there.  I was red faced and sweaty already.  But NOOOOOO we had a whole other WOD to go.

WOD 2:
30 Push Press 35 lbs
30 SDHP (Sumo Deadlift High Pull) 35 lbs
30 K2E (Knees to Elbows) I did mine on the ground
30 KB (Kettlebell) Swings 26 lbs
30 lateral bar pee inducing jumps  
30 Pullups (band assisted)

I finished in 15:54

I definitely wasn't the fastest, but I'm proud of my efforts considering everything.  I wasn't that far behind and I know I was limited by my cardio abilities, which I hope will come back fast.

Today, well today, I can't walk or move my arms.  Who needs limbs?


Roxanne Hyatt said...

I always wanted to get into cross fit because the concept sounds so awesome! Great workout.

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